Loma Linda – PlantX US
Loma Linda - Chili, 10oz
The Loma Linda Ultimate Chili gives us the great taste of classic chili, ready to eat! Give this a go and experience authentic flavors, ready in 60 seconds. Key Information Microwavable Plant-Based Chili Ready in 60 Seconds 15g of Protein...
Loma Linda - Plant-Based Tuno in Spring Water
Missing the undeniable satisfaction of the classic tuna sandwich? Some clever humans have now created the remedy to your vegan desires. Key Information Plastic-Free Palm Oil Free Ocean-Safe Low Fat Low Sugar No artificial preservatives or flavours Contains soya Product...
Loma Linda - Chipotle Bowl, 10oz
Loma Linda’s Chipotle Bowl is full of southwestern flavors and nutritionally balanced plant-based ingredients for an easy, quick meal in 60 seconds! Key Information Southwest flavors High in fiber Non-GMO Gluten-free No cholesterol No artificial colors and flavors Product Overview...
Loma Linda - Plant-Based Tuno Lemon Pepper, 5oz
Satisfy those fishy cravings with the Loma Linda Plant-Based Tuno Lemon Pepper. Fresh, fishy, & flavored to perfection, this vegan tuna will knock your socks off! Key Information Plant-based canned Tuna alternative Lemon and pepper flavor Made with soy protein...
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