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Kite Hill - Ricotta, 8oz

Kite Hill - Ricotta, 8oz
The Kite Hill Dairy-Free Ricotta is artisan craftsmanship at its finest. Grab a pot of this creamy delight and experience the best of plant-based innovation. Key Information Vegan Almond Milk Ricotta Alternative Made from Live Cultures Gluten-Free Non-GMO Kosher No...
Kite Hill - Dips - French Onion Dip
These dips are deliciously savory and perfect for snacking and sharing! Kite Hill was founded by an artisan chef so you know they are irresistible. Key Information Creamy and delicious French Onion and Ranch Dips Perfect for sharing! Keto-friendly Free...
Kite Hill - Almond Milk Ricotta Tortellini, 9oz
The Kite Hill Almond Milk Ricotta Tortellini showcases their award-winning plant-based cheese at its finest. Rich and creamy Italian pasta parcels - delicious! Key Information Plant-based Tortellini Filled with Almond Milk Ricotta  Award-winning Plant-based Cheese Non-GMO No Artificial Flavors or...
Kite Hill - European Style Plant-Based Butter, 8oz
Indulge yourself with the Kite Hill European Style Plant-Based Butter and enjoy the natural flavors of cultured almond milk in the ultimate creamy vegan butter! Key Information European style pant-based butter Made with cultured almond milk No artificial flavors Keep...
Kite Hill - Sour Cream Alternative, 8oz
The Kite Hill Sour Cream Alternative is 100% vegan and free from soy, gluten, and artificial preservatives. Dollop it onto your tacos or use it for baking! Key Information Vegan Sour Cream Alternative  Free from Soy & Gluten 0g of...
Kite Hill - Almond Milk Ricotta Ravioli, 9oz
Satisfy those pasta cravings with the Kite Hill Almond Milk Ricotta Ravioli - crafted with the finest plant-based cheese, these ravioli parcels hit all the right spots! Key Information Plant-Based Ravioli Made with Almond Milk Ricotta  Non-GMO No Artificial Flavors...
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Kite Hill - Cream Cheese Alternative, 8oz
Creamy and delicious, the Kite Hill Cream Cheese Alternative is the perfect pick for spreading over just about anything! One taste and you will be hooked. Key Information Plant-based Cream Cheese Alternative Made from Almond Milk  Kosher Non-GMO Available in...
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