Hungry Planet – PlantX US
Hungry Planet - Pork Gyoza, 8oz
Gyoza is always a treat. Struggling to find a high-quality vegan version? Not to worry, Hungry Planet’s Pork Gyoza will 100% hit the spot! Key Information Premium vegan pork gyoza Tastes just like the real the thing 7 grams of...
Hungry Planet - Chicken Southwest Chipotle Patties, 16oz
Get a taste of the Southwest with Hungry Planet’s Chicken Southwest Chipotle Patties! It’s a pack of delicious, juicy patties that are seasoned to perfection. Key Information Vegan Chicken Southwest Chipotle Patties 4 quarter-pound vegan chicken patties Has the taste...
Hungry Planet - Classic Plant-Based Beef Patties, 16oz
Hungry Planet’s Classic Plant-based Beef Patties are the answer to all your burger cravings and don’t harm the environment. A great choice all around!  Key Information  Non-GMO High in fiber No saturated fat or cholesterol  22g of plant-based protein High...
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