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Gomacro Protein Bar - Coconut, Almond Butter & Chocolate Chips, 2.3 oz
"Everlasting Joy" with coconut, almond butter & chocolate chips. Reminiscent of your favorite candy bar as a kid, this combo of coconut, chocolate chips and almond butter is sure to bring you Everlasting Joy. The GoMacro Protein bar consists 11...
$3.09 $1.89
Gomacro Protein Bar - Blueberry & Cashew Butter, 2.4 oz
"Blissful Daybreak" with blueberry & cashew butter.
$3.09 $1.89
Gomacro Protein Bar - Double Chocolate & Peanut Butter Chips, 2.4 oz
This Peanut Butter and double Chocolate GoMacro Bar "Smooth Sanctuary" contains 11 grams of plant-based protein with organic and creamy peanut butter, chopped roasted peanuts and fair trade chocolate chips. The chocolate is gluten-free, soy-free, milk-free and non-GMO verified. Ingredients...
$3.09 $1.89
Gomacro Protein Bar - Oatmeal & Chocolate Chip, 2.4 oz
´Heartwarming Retreat´ with Oatmeal & Chocolate Chip. The nut-free, vegan GoMacro oatmeal chocolate chip protein bar consists of gluten-free oats, a dash of vanilla, 12 grams of protein and a handful of fair trade vegan chocolate chips - a taste...
$3.09 $1.89
Gomacro Protein Bar - Dark Chocolate & Almonds, 2.3 oz
"Protein Decadence" with dark chocolate & almonds. The vegan Peruvian dark chocolate with roasted almonds is a guilt-free delight, which pleases any chocolate lover’s craving. Furthermore it adds a bonus of 10 grams of plant-based protein. The chocolate is 100%...
Gomacro Protein Bar - Sunflower Butter & Chocolate, 2.4oz
"Protein Purity" with sunflower butter & chocolate. With 10 grams of plant-based protein, this Sunflower Butter + Chocolate Protein Bar is a safe snack that consists no nuts, no dairy, no soy and no gluten. Ingredients: Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice...
GoMacro - Mocha Chocolate Chip Protein Bar
´Sweet Awakening´ with mocha chocolate chip. With notes of freshly roasted whole bean coffee paired with fair-trade chocolate, the Mocha Chocolate Chip Protein Bar is surely perfect in your morning routine. Each bar contains 36mg of caffeine, slightly less than...
Gomacro Protein Bar - Banana & Almond Butter, 2.4 oz
"Prolonged Power" with banana & almond butter. As delicious and comforting as a slice of homemade banana bread the Protein Bar combines the taste of cinnamon, chopped walnuts, real bananas and creamy almond butter for the long-lasting energy boost your...

Snack bars. Perfect for making day-to-day life a bit sweeter. A quick bite before a heavy workout? Something to snack on after lunch? Or, the perfect partner to your midday cup of tea? A small snack bar goes a long way. However, for those who like things organic and plant-based, finding the right snack bar can be difficult … that’s where GoMacro comes in. 

Sustainably grown, packed with protein and, available in multiple mouth-watering flavors, GoMacro bars are almost too good to be true. 100% organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, kosher, and, of course, vegan. Stick around and have a browse. Time to treat yourself - you deserve it. 

What’s inside my GoMacro bar?

GoMacro believes that natural food, taken from the earth and processed as little as possible is best for the body and the soul. 

GoMacro only works with suppliers who share this belief. Suppliers must meet GoMacro standards for taste, certifications, and environmental stewardship. Therefore, everything inside a GoMacro bar is 100% plant-based, made by organic and non-GMO certified growers, and grown through sustainable farming practices. 

Want to know the specifics? Simply look at the product description and ingredients list of any GoMacro product available at PlantX. There’s nothing to hide! 

How are GoMacro bars made? 

Nutritious, organic and, delicious. Sounds too good to be true. Surely there is some dirty secret behind the magic? Wrong. GoMacro bars are made in only three simple steps: 

1. Responsibly sourced plant-based ingredients are thoughtfully selected. Each ingredient has its own nutritional benefits and no additives or preservatives are added.

2. The wonderful ingredients are cold-pressed together. No heat, no fancy technology. 

3. The finished cold-pressed bar is wrapped up in eco-friendly packaging, ready for your to get your hands on.

… And, that’s that. No hidden mirrors. No dirty secrets. Just pure whole food. Who knew creativity, commitment and simplicity could be this good?

Are GoMarco bars healthy?

Food cannot be good or bad on its own. ‘Healthy’ means something different thing to everyone. It’s all about finding what fits with your version of healthy.

GoMacro ingredients are organic, plant-based, and contain no artificial sweeteners or colors. GoMacro bars are also R.A.W and C.L.E.A.N certified. This means every bar must be Real, Alive & Whole/minimally processed (R.A.W), and Conscious, Live, Ethical, Active & Nourishing (C.L.E.A.N). 

If this fits with your version of healthy then, yes GoMacro bars are healthy - happy snacking!

What GoMacro Products are available at PlantX? 

So, we’ve convinced you. You’re ready to get your hands on a delicious, healthy, organic GoMacro bar. Fancy a helping hand with where to start? Here are some of our favorite flavors available at PlantX, time to choose which flavor is right for you!

  • Chocolate lover?

If you have a soft spot for all things chocolatey, then my-oh-my GoMacro has you covered. Get that chocolatey kick without added bad bits with, GoMacro’s Dark Chocolate & Almond Protein Bar, GoMacro’s Mocha Chocolate Chip Protein Bar, or GoMacro’s Oatmeal & Chocolate Chip Protein Bar

  • A fan of all things fruity?

A sweet tooth for fresh and fruity flavors? You’re in the right place. Made with Mother Nature’s ripest berries and fruits, you’ll be drooling in no time. Give your tastebuds a berry burst with GoMacro’s Blueberry & Cashew Butter Protein Bar, or enjoy tropical heaven with GoMacro’s Banana & Almond Butter Protein Bar.

  • Nutty for nuts? 

A lover of deeper, roasted flavors? GoMacro too. If coconut makes your tastebuds go wild, opt for GoMacro’s Coconut, Almond Butter & Chocolate Chip Protein Bar.Or, if peanut butter tickles your fancy, indulge in GoMacro’s Double Chocolate & Peanut Butter Chips Protein Bar. Nutty bars with a satisfying crunch! 

What is the story behind GoMacro?

In 2003, in the face of great adversity, a mother and daughter created GoMacro. Earlier that year, the mother of the duo, Amelia, was diagnosed with breast cancer. So, with her daughter, Jola, she came up with a plan. Fight cancer with a plant-based macrobiotic diet in addition to a local lumpectomy. And, in their very own kitchen, that is exactly what she did. 

During this time, while Amelia and Jola were experimenting with nutritious whole food the first GoMacro bar recipe was created. From their family kitchen in Wisconsin, GoMacro grew and grew. As Amelia and Jola spread the word of a balanced, plant-based lifestyle, GoMacro bars went from local shops to being stocked on shelves nationwide. 

Is GoMacro a sustainable organization?

GoMacro is constantly striving to leave a positive impact on the planet. That’s why they use 100% renewable energy, are 100% carbon neutral, and are actively working towards becoming zero-waste and landfill-free. But, what does this all mean in practice? 

  • All operations are powered by 100% renewable solar and wind energy.
  • Food scraps are donated to local farms for animal feed.
  • Waste is kept out of landfills through recycling and upcycling, e.g. hairnets, beard nets, and nitrile gloves are all recycled.
  • GoMacro uses sustainable shipping and shared transport to reduce emissions.
  • GoMacro has funded the planting of thousands of trees to offset carbon emissions
  • GoMacro partners with The Climate Collaborative and Carbonfund on global conservation projects. 

Can GoMacro bars make you gain weight? 

GoMacro bars contain nut butter, protein powder, and brown rice syrup, all of which are high calorie ingredients. So, if you are looking to gain weight, GoMacro bars could be useful for you. If you are not looking to gain weight GoMacro bars can still be part of your diet, simply eat alongside a balanced and varied diet! 

Remember, whether you are looking to gain, lose or maintain weight, weight is never the most important thing about you. Food is fuel and it’s what on the inside that counts.

Do GoMacro bars have added sugar?

Most of the added sugar in GoMacro bars is in the form of brown rice syrup. Go Macro use organic, plant-based, and sustainably sourced organic brown rice syrup. Brown rice syrup is derived from natural and nutrient-dense brown rice, it contains no fructose, and turns into an easily digestible sugar.

What GoMacro Products are available at PlantX? 

So, we’ve convinced you. You’re ready to get your hands on a delicious, healthy, organic GoMacro bar. Fancy a helping hand with where to start? We’re happy to help. Take a look below at some of our favorite flavors available at PlantX - and what flavor we think will be just right for you!

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