Go Raw – PlantX US
Go Raw - Sprouted Seed Salad Topper - Garlic Thyme, 4oz
Give your salads, soups, and sandwiches a major fresh boost with its great-tasting flavor, crunch, and protein. Your tasty nut-free and gluten-free option with 2g of plant-based protein, only 1g of carbohydrates, and 0g of added sugar per serving. Made...
Go Raw - Sprouted Cookie Crisps Lemon Pie, 3oz
A good source of dietary fiber, it’s made with only four (4) high-quality and easy-to-understand whole ingredients and packed with great-tasting lemon flavor and a satisfying crunch. With 0g added sugar, 0mg added salt, 3g protein, and minimally processed—sprouted and...
Go Raw - Sprouted Bar - Pumpkin Seed, 1.8oz
It’s your on-the-go nutrition with 13g of protein per serving and made only with simple organic and minimally processed ingredients. It’s also an outstanding source of antioxidants and fiber, perfect for fueling your energy anytime of the day. Nut-free and...
Go Raw - Snacking Seeds Spicy Fiesta, 4oz
Fuel your day with this tasty and healthy on-the-go snack that’s made with light, crunchy blend of sprouted pumpkin and sunflower seeds, cilantro, jalapeno, and lime. It’s got 6g plant-based protein per serving and an excellent source of antioxidants and...
Go Raw - Snacking Seeds Lime, 4oz
A tasty on-the-go snack with the protein, nutrition, and energy you need to fuel your day. Made with simple, high-quality ingredients of crunchy blends of sprouted pumpkin, sunflower seeds, fresh lime juice, coconut nectar, and a hint of sea salt....
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