Frozen Dough & Crusts – PlantX US
Bhu Fit Protein Bar - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, 1.6 oz
This BHU Fit pea protein bar with chocolate chip cookie dough is a real superfood. It contains pea protein, house-made cashew butter, prebiotic fiber, coconut flour, and monk fruit. The bar can be enjoyed as a nourishment and as a...
Atoria's - Whole Grain Pita, 12oz
Taste the difference only from Atoria’s Whole Grain Pita. Made with whole grain and only 9 simple ingredients, this thin pocket bread is verified non-GMO, low fat, Kosher verified, and a good source of fiber. With 100 calories per pita,...
Atoria's - Traditional Pita, 12oz
Experience the authentic quality and taste of Atoria’s Traditional Pita. Made with only 8 ingredients, this low-fat thin pocket bread is ready for any stuffing and with 130 calories per pita. Try it with black-eyed pea pita, breakfast pita, crispy...
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