At PlantX we want you to heal in the best way possible, and so we have carefully selected a range of effective, ethical, and natural first aid supplies. Read on to find out more!

What are natural first aid products?

First aid supplies are products that support the healing of minor ailments. A first-aid kit typically includes bandages, skin rash cream, antiseptic cream, cream for insect bites, scissors, cleansing wipes, a thermometer, aftersun, and painkillers. First-aid kits should be kept at home, in the workplace, in school classrooms, and in your car. It’s important that you can always act quickly in an emergency situation.

Unfortunately, popular first aid supplies found in regular supermarkets often contain synthetic ingredients and materials. Our natural first aid supplies are products that aid healing and don’t use anything synthetic. For example, bandages and band-aids are often made from plastic. The production of plastic bandages is damaging to the environment, and the bandages do not degrade quickly when discarded.

Bandages might be made of PVC, which is considered toxic for both our own health and the environment. Bandages and band-aids can also be made from latex. However, many people are allergic to latex and so wearing one can be uncomfortable. Our plastic and latex-free bandages are kinder on the skin and less likely to cause any irritation.

Bandages are just one example of the amazing natural first-aid products that we sell. Read on to find out more!

Heal your body in the natural, herbal way!

We believe a plant-based lifestyle is a healthy, planet-conscious choice. In fact, we believe it’s the future. At PlantX we want to help make the future a brighter place for all. Caring for and healing our bodies requires a holistic and mindful approach to living. It’s about living carefully and with respect for the environment, and the creatures (animals and humans!) we live amongst.

So how does PlantX help you look after your body? Well, we provide a huge range of nourishing vegan foods and drinks that are packed with essential nutrients and vitamins. That’s a good start. We also bring you an impressive range of natural supplements to give your body and mind that little bit of extra support. We deliver you natural and organic skincare and beauty products to make sure you’re nourished from the inside out. And - because sometimes we all run into harm - we bring you a fantastic array of natural first-aid supplies.

That’s a whole lot of care! As long as humans have existed, humans have been harnessing the power of nature to treat injuries and ailments. Herbs, spices, and all kinds of plants have their own unique healing properties. We are here to help you select only the best natural first-aid supplies.

Why are first aid supplies important?

As careful as we try to be, injuries and accidents happen from time to time. It’s impossible to prevent this from happening, but we can make sure we are prepared for it. It’s not just about protecting yourself, it’s about protecting your friends, family, children, and colleagues - anyone who might happen to be around and encounter harm.

First aid supplies are for dealing with minor accidents and injuries. For anything more serious, you will need to call an ambulance or head to the hospital. But even in the case of a more serious ailment, first aid supplies can provide support in reducing the damage done. This might mean applying a bandage to a cut before arriving at the hospital, in order to prevent excess blood loss. First-aid supplies may help reduce the severity of an injury, as well as prevent infection.

First aid supplies typically cater to burns, scrapes, cuts, bruises, sprains, and bites. First aid is called so because it is the immediate (first) care that an individual gets following an injury or accident before any further medical treatment is available. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and we help make sure you get natural first aid supplies of the highest quality.

Top first aid supplies brands to try

  • Patch - Strip Adhesive Tube
    This handy product is ready for all your cuts and scrapes. They are eco-friendly and made from breathable and biodegradable bamboo fiber. They come in two varieties: Natural Bamboo and Aloe Vera. The aloe vera version is specially designed for burns and blisters and will help soothe and heal your wounds.
  • Alba Botanica - After Sun Lotion
    Spent a bit too long in the sun and now faced with painful, red skin? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us! Whilst you should always protect your skin with sunscreen, sometimes it still needs a little TLC when the day is done. This creamy after-sun lotion contains aloe vera, green tea leaf, and shea butter to soothe and replenish your skin. If your sunburn is serious, please seek medical attention.
  • All Terrain - Bandages
    All Terrain’s bandages are latex-free for sensitive skin. They provide heavy-duty protection and have a 4-sided seal to ensure no sneaky dirt gets into your wound. They come in both waterproof and fabric varieties. These handy bandages are perfect for the outdoor explorer! For particularly sensitive skin, we recommend the fabric version.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I store first aid supplies?

First-aid supplies should be kept together in a box, in a cool, dry place. At home, we recommend storing the first-aid kit in the kitchen, in a plastic box that can be securely closed. The kitchen makes a good choice for most because it’s often a gathering place, but also where many injuries occur. Keeping first-aid kits in the bathroom can cause them damage due to the humidity. Keep your first-aid supplies out of the reach of children, and make sure you don’t forget where they are! In the workplace, make sure to tell people where the first aid supplies are kept so they can act quickly.

What is the best first aid for burns?

If you burn yourself, the first course of action should be to cool the area down. Cooling applied within the first 20 minutes following a burn prevents it from getting progressively worse. Use cool running water rather than ice. A dressing may then be used to carefully cover the burn. If it is a minor burn, you can generally treat it at home but if you are in any doubt about how to manage and treat your burn, you should consult a medical professional. If it is a major burn, you should seek medical attention immediately.

What is the best first aid for cuts?

If you or someone else cuts themselves, run the affected area under cool water. Minor cuts will usually stop bleeding themselves but if it continues, apply some gentle pressure to the wound and elevate it until the bleeding stops. Clean the skin around the wound using antiseptic but avoid getting it in the wound. Carefully pat the area dry and apply an adhesive bandage. Change this regularly and keep an eye on the wound. If your cut is more serious or you are unsure how to manage it, seek medical attention straight away.

Can I put first aid cream on an open wound?

Certain first aid creams can be applied to open wounds to encourage healing and prevent infection. After you have washed and dried the wound, you can leave a small cut uncovered. Cuts on the slightly larger side might need a bit of moisture to encourage the healing process. You can do this by applying a layer of petroleum jelly before covering it with a bandage.

Alternatively, you can apply an antibiotic cream. If you have a more serious cut, one that won’t stop bleeding, or one you suspect has become infected, seek medical help immediately. Always read the instructions that come with your first aid supplies.