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The mixture is steeped in the fridge overnight (12 hours or longer) and then filtered for a smooth texture with no bits. This is what makes Cold Brew so magical. Time, love, care and trust us - taste. 

Some call it coffee snobbery, others call it art. At PlantX we are on the Cold Brew hype, so have a browse, and decide for yourself. We’re stocked to the brim with the best cold brew coffee online, meaning you’ll be joining us on the vegan Cold Brew lovin’ committee in no time.

What Is Vegan Cold Brew?

In its simplest form, all cold brew coffee is vegan. The main ingredients are coffee beans and water. However, if you are consuming a canned cold brew drink then things get a little complex. Many canned cold brew coffee drinks contain non-vegan ingredients such as honey.

Looking to buy vegan cold brew coffee? You are in luck. Here at PlantX, our wonderful selection of plant-based cold brew coffee is 100% vegan friendly and contains zero animal-derived ingredients. Time to browse in plant-based peace.

What Does Cold Brew Coffee Taste Like?

From beginning to end, Cold Brew is exposed to zero heat. Instead, it is time that allows the precious coffee oils, caffeine, and sugars to be extracted from the ground coffee beans. It is often argued that this long process flattens the coffee taste, leaving behind more nuances in the flavor. 

Therefore, Cold Brew is often described as more dramatic and less bitter than regular coffee. It is also described as full-bodied, rich, and having a whole mouthfeel. 

Is Cold Brew Healthier For You?

Let’s be honest, here at PlantX, we are not scientists. But we most certainly are coffee lovers, so we did a bit of research into the possible health benefits of Cold Brew Coffee, and my oh my were we pleased. 

Firstly, Cold Brew, just like regular coffee, contains caffeine. Caffeine can boost alertness and energy levels, may help lower the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's, and has been linked to increased metabolic rate. Secondly, the age-old health benefits of regular coffee are also present in Cold Brew coffee - it’s high in antioxidants (although a little less than hot coffee) and is a great mood boost in the mornings.

When directly compared to regular coffee, the most commonly reported benefit is that Cold Brew coffee may be easier on your stomach. Coffee is acidic which can sometimes stimulate acid reflux and cause discomfort. Cold Brew coffee is less acidic than hot coffee and contains compounds that may protect your stomach from this acidity. Therefore, it may be better for people who avoid regular coffee due to its acidity levels. 

However, do be careful. Cold Brew is only slightly less acidic than regular coffee and evidence to back these claims is limited. So, if you are sensitive to regular coffee, give Cold Brew a try but be prepared it may not be the same for everyone! 

Top Picks

So we’ve lured you into the wonderful world of Cold Brew coffee, but what’s next? Where do you start? Take a look at PlantX’s top picks and prepare to become a Cold Brew connoisseur in no time.

  1. For an easy-to-steep, easy-to-drink, easy-to-love Cold Brew, say hello to Grady's Cold Brew Bean Bags. Cold Brew coffee bags that make 12 delicious servings of Cold Brew (that’ll last for a whole 2 weeks in the fridge!) Caffeine lover? Opt for Grady's Cold Brew Iced Coffee Concentrate - it’s bold, smooth, and has no bitter aftertaste. For the decaf devotees, Grady's Cold Brew Decaf Concentrate is the drink for you!
  2. React badly to caffeine but still want a morning boost? Meet Loud Brew’s Original Black With L-Theanine. Formulated with L-Theanine to give you the energy boost you need without any pesky caffeine side effects. A velvety smooth, grab-and-go beverage that has your back all morning long.
  3. For the silky, milky coffee lovers out there, we know black coffee will never be enough. That’s where Koia Vegan Protein Cold Brew Coffee comes in. A creamy almond milk-based Cold Brew Coffee mixed with plant protein to give you an energy and protein boost in one. Best served chilled or iced on a warm day!
  4. For the unswayable traditionalists, meet Califia’s Cold Brew Coffee. A high-quality, unsweetened black Arabica concentrate. Simple, delicious, and rich. Drink it on its own for a strong cold brew experience, or mix it with water for a softer coffee. Smooth, low acidity, and with warm notes of apple and cocoa, this is a morning coffee you won’t want to miss.
  5. Lover of all things chocolate? Say hello to Rise Nitro Cold Brew Mocha. Made with silky oat milk and rich cacao, prepare for a refreshing and creamy beverage that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Not a fan of chocolate coffee? Opt for Rise Nitro Cold Brew Latte, just as creamy, just as tasty, but without the chocolate! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cold Brew Coffee Taste Sweeter Than Other Coffee? 

According to our friends at Rise Brewing Co, Cold brew has a slightly sweeter taste than regular iced coffee. This is because, due to the long steeping process, Cold Brew is not as acidic and less intense. 

Many report they find cold brew more aromatic, dramatic, and flavorful than other coffee as the long process behind the coffee allows for more nuanced flavors.

How Much Caffeine Is In Cold Brew?

While there does tend to be a higher than average coffee-to-water ratio in Cold Brew as it is brewed as a concentrate, the exact caffeine varies from brand to brand. For example, a tall Cold Brew from Starbucks contains around 155mg of caffeine, whereas a similar-sized Cold Brew from Dunkin Donuts contains around 174mg.

Is Cold Brew Coffee Stronger Than Hot Brew? 

Many people also assume cold brew coffee is stronger than regular coffee as the timely process behind Cold Brew coffee gives it a less watered-down taste. There is some truth to this. Cold Brew coffee tends to have a higher than average coffee-to-water ratio. However, like regular coffee, Cold Brew can be served with water or creamer which can even things out a bit. 

Can You Add Milk Or Creamer To Cold Brew Coffee?

Many coffee connoisseurs argue the best cold brew coffee should always be served black. This is because the timely process allows for delicate and complex flavors that you cannot experience with regular coffee.

However, here at PlantX, we believe the power is in your hands. Coffee is an art, not a science, get creative and consume it as you like.

What Is The Best Coffee for Cold Brew?

You do not need specific coffee for cold brew, all types of coffee beans can be used. However, some beans will produce better tasting results. Generally, medium and dark roast coffee are considered the best coffee for cold brew. Due to the low acidity of cold brew coffee, the chocolatey, hazelnut flavors can come through. 

However, it is mostly all about personal preference - if you are brewing at home, get creative! Or, try different blends at your local coffee shop, the world of cold brew coffee is rich, flavorful, and exciting, why not explore?

How Long Does Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate Last?

After brewed and ready to go, Cold Brew coffee concentrate can be stored in the fridge to make a tasty glass whenever your heart desires. from the point of completion, you have around 8-14 days before the flavors start to go downhill (and quite rapidly may we add!) 

Cold Brew coffee is the perfect combination of taste and ease. It is more likely you will be wondering how to make more than how to use up your last batch!

Where Does Cold Brew Coffee Originate From?

Putting a finger on the origins of Cold Brew coffee is tricky. Many countries have versions of cold coffee - Thailand, Vietnam, India, Greece, and more. However, the first evidence of coffee made completely with cold water is in Japan with the Kyoto-Style Japanese Coffee.

Evidence suggests that, in Japan, coffee was brewed cold in the 1600s for sure, but it could have begun much earlier than this. Over time, Kyoto-Style brews have become a work of pure art. Instead of fully submerging grounds for hours, the coffee is brewed with a single bead of water at a time. This slow and delicate process is not only beautiful to watch but also creates fine and elegant Cold Brews.

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