Plant-Based Butter Vs Regular Butter - What's Healthier?

Plant-Based Butter Vs Regular Butter - What's Healthier?

Plant-based alternatives now come aplenty. So, of course, you’ll have loads of plant-based butter options to choose from. Before we come into that, though, we need to find out what exactly plant-based butter is.

plant based butter

What is Plant-Based Butter?

Plant-based butter is also known as non-dairy butter, dairy-free butter, vegan butter, or plant-based spread. The latter is often used so that people don’t mistake vegan butter for dairy-based butter - which can happen a lot.

Nowadays, plant-based butter looks so much like its counterparts that you won’t even think twice when you see it. People might even think it’s actual butter made from milk!

Is Plant-Based Butter Similar To Regular Butter?

Is Plant-Based Butter regular butter?

It depends on who you ask, but we certainly think so! Not only does plant-based butter look like regular butter made from dairy, but it also acts like it! What do we mean? Well, plant-based butter behaves like dairy-based butter. If you take a hot knife and cut through it, it’ll likely melt. Take a knob of it and spread it on toast because you definitely could. For example, Milkadamia swears that their Salted Buttery Spread melts just like the real thing and we concur! 

Can you use plant-based butter to bake and cook with? You can with a number of them, but not all of them are good for cooking. You’ll find out why in the next section…

What is Plant-Based Butter Made of?

what is plant based butter made of

Butter, made without milk? How does that work!? Let us unpack it for you. Plant-based butter is most often made from a blend of oils. You can find some made with olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, and even some made with palm oil.

With the blend of different oils, you’ll get different smoke points. Not all oils can be heated at high temperatures. Certain types of coconut oils, canola oils, and sunflower oils (to name a few) have low smoke points. That means if your butter is made from these oils, you shouldn’t cook with them at high temps. But, don’t worry, there are lots of plant-based oils out there designed to be perfect for baking and cooking.

A lot of brands will also often add seasonings, flavorings, and colorings to make their plant-based butter. This is all used to make plant-based butter taste and look like regular butter - if not better. 

Being made from lots of different ingredients, plant-based butters are also made in lots of different ways too. In fact, some folks actually churn plant-based milk to make some premium plant-based butter. Check out Miyoko's Cultured Vegan Sea Salt Butter to see what we mean. Neat, huh?

Is Plant-Based Butter Healthy?

Is Plant-Based Butter Healthy?

We know what you are thinking. Coloring. Flavoring. Oils. This doesn’t sound too good for you. So you’re probably thinking, “Is plant-based butter healthy?” Here’s the deal…

In this study, plant-based butter contains higher heart-healthy monounsaturated fats compared to regular butter made from dairy. Plant-based butter is also lower in lower in saturated fats. That all sounds good, but don’t take spoonfuls at a time and polish off the entire tub!

Just like regular butter, you shouldn't scoff the whole tub in one sitting! But in general, plant-based butter should be a healthier option than dairy butter, and you shouldn't think twice about slathering it on your toast. 

Can I Make Plant-Based Butter at Home?

can you make plant based butter at home

Yes. Like with most food products, you can make plant-based butter at home. You’ll find recipes online that’ll teach you how to make some in a few minutes! A lot of them use coconut oils because they are more affordable. You’ll probably also need some nutritional yeast or cider, depending on which recipe you follow.

But just like regular butter, is it really worth your time to make your own? If you’re a little bit lazy like us, you may find it easier to just shop for plant-based butter! Plant-based butter brands have spent years perfecting their butter-like taste, so we wouldn’t want you to miss out! 

Plant-Based Butter at PlantX

When you’re at the supermarket, you’ll have to have a good eye for spotting good plant-based butter. If you shop at PlantX, everything’s free from animals or animal byproducts. Save yourself the time and the fuss of making plant-based butter at home and just get some delivered straight to your home.