6 Reasons Why You Should Drink Vegan Wine

6 Reasons Why You Should Drink Vegan Wine

More and more people are coming round to the way of life that is veganism and drinking alcohol is no different. Vegan organic wines are here to stay. You shouldn't need animal products when drinking wine, or anytime else for that matter. Fermented grapes should have anything else, really!

Luckily more and more companies are around to the fact that vegan organic wines are the way to go. They are better for the planet, the animals, and the benefits of organic wine are amazing for you. (not to mention a whole bunch of other reasons which we will go into a second.) But first, let's understand why not all wines are vegan. 

What are Vegan Organic Wines?

What are Vegan Organic Wines?

It was not a good day when I found out that not all wines are created equal. The reason behind it all has to do with the winemaking process, at the stage when the wine is being filtered. After the fermented grapes are turned into alcohol, the wine is still very cloudy. That’s when ‘fining agents’ are added, which essentially remove the extra substances that have been left over. These fining agents in a lot of wines are products derived from animals. 

The good news is soo many wines on the market are now vegan. More and more winemakers are using things such as limestone and activated charcoal as fining agents instead. But that’s not all. There are a lot of other reasons why you should always choose vegan organic wines. Without further ado, here are our top 6 benefits of organic wine. 

1. Vegan Organic Wine Tastes Better!

Do your tastebuds some justice!

You're already sold, right? Now, we all know taste is a matter of preference. But the thing with vegan organic wines is that they don't have any added chemicals. And with none of that nastiness, it means that the vegan organic wines generally have a fresher taste. They feel richer, fruitier, and more vibrant. So when you're trying to find a nice wine to pair with a meal, it makes perfect sense to go for the vegan option. It’ll be much nicer on your palette.

2. Vegan Organic Wines may be Healthier 

vegan wine would be healthier

We have all heard that a glass of red wine every day is good for us. It turns out that this old wives' tale is very likely true. One of the main benefits of organic wine is an antioxidant called resveratrol. Getting this plant compound has many different benefits, from lowering blood pressure, and protecting the brain, plus, it is also thought to have anti-aging properties. 

3. Vegan Organic Wines protect our Animals

When it comes to the benefits of organic wines, we believe this is the most important one of them all! Most people don't even know that a lot of wines use animal-derived products. As mentioned before, in the filtering process animal products like boiled fish bladders (also known as isinglass) or animal parts such as gelatin are used. Even blood or bone marrow is used, as well as fish oil and egg whites.

It begs the question, since when did fermented grapes need to have animal products? The answer… never

4. Vegan Organic Wines is Better for the Planet

Being vegan is not just about protecting the welfare of animals but our planet as well. We all know the animal farming industry is one of the biggest causes of pollution and is really destructive to our environment. By opting for vegan organic wines you are doing your bit to counteract the balance

Also, opting for vegan organic wines (which most vegan wines are) means that no added chemicals were used on the soil in the vineyards. We all know chemicals don't just affect the soil in the long run but also the surrounding wildlife and water supplies. Nothing synthetic or artificial is always the best way. 

5. You may have Less of a Hangover

Well, supposedly. There is another old saying that the main cause of horrible hangovers and pounding headaches is the sulfites in alcohol. Now, we can’t guarantee that you won't have a hangover if you have a few too many glasses, but we can say vegan organic wines typically have a much lower level of sulfites, and we certainly have some top wines that are completely sulfite-free.

6. Pricing is Better than ever!

Every cent spent on vegan organic wines is a step closer to a better tomorrow. Remember when anything considered vegan was a luxury? No more of that as the world has changed!

Vegan organic wines are more affordable than ever! The price gap is non-existent and even if it did, it’s always just a few cents. And remember, those few cents go towards the betterment of our Earth.

Sip on your wine with pride, staying guilt-free!

To Sum Up

Vegan Wine

Vegan organic wines are clearly the way to go. There is literally no excuse for not going for the vegan option anymore. Particularly because there are so many more options on the market as well. At PlantX, we have a huge selection of vegan organic wines that aren’t limited to just red and white, but sparkling and rose as well. 

These wines are better for the planet, your health, and your hangovers (although we can’t promise that!). But hey, it’s still a decent excuse to have that cheeky extra glass now and then, isn't it? We hope you’ve enjoyed the top 6 benefits of organic wine (there are loads more as well) and hopefully you are more informed than you were before. And to that, we say, cheers!