The Mighty Kiwi Juice Bar & Eatery

201 Manitoba Ave, Selkirk, MB R1A 0Y4

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Carissa Gaudry
2 months ago

Very friendly service, excellent food. Highly recommend. Tried the the Hot Shot wellness shot, Santa Fe wrap and an amazing soup of the day..African peanut or something like that. While we were waiting for our order, we looked through a display full of locally made products and artwork for sale, this was such a nice touch to the overall atmosphere. Will definitely be back!🙌

Mag M.
2 months ago

We went to this place for the first time this week. I was very happy to find a place that has vegan food in Selkirk. We had veggie wraps, chickpea salad and juice. The wraps were completely dry and without any type of dressing. The chickpea salad was a bowl of lettuce with a scoop of very dry chickpeas, no dressing at all - except a small dish of hummus. My stomach is still aching a day later. Will not be returning.

Get To The Point Reviews
a month ago

I want to write a better review, but based on other reviews saying the food is bland I have to agree. I had their soup, it was watery, but I like watery soup- so you’re ok there. Tasted quite good, but reminded me of Tim Horton soups. Just the texture. My mother had a sandwich. She said it had no flavour and I agree they should have put more sauce on it, why chintz on the sauce? I don’t think the staff eat their own food because if they did they would know how dry and rabbit food-like it is. Please don’t chintz on the flavourings. You need to add vegan mayo and lots of sauce to your sandwiches if they’re going to be just bread and veggies. Nobody likes dry rabbit food without flavour. We’re not rabbits so let’s not eat like it, hmm? Same with the cheesecakes, we had three different kinds and each of them was very much lacking in flavour. May I suggest getting someone who is a master with spices to help you up your game. Please get more creative, this is a restaurant, I was expecting more, as I myself can make much better at home I was very disappointed. Another thing... my mother who was the one who went in, said that no one was wearing masks, none of the customers and none of the staff, said she was the only one in there with a mask. Not sure if this is legal or not, but that’s very irresponsible. What about the people preparing the food? Are they wearing masks??? Not impressed.... probably not going to return.

Brandi Huys
in the last week

Went to the Corydon location today! Tried the chickpea panini and it was delicious. Fairly priced and friendly staff :)

Ronald Baker
2 weeks ago

Very healthy foodie place almost too green for me but I love the customer service and I'm teaching them how to make the fruitiest smoothie 👌