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George Jetson
3 weeks ago

I am no where near a vegan or vegetarian; however I would return. The decor is really nice, a little out there, but I mean I don't really go out to eat for the decor as much as I do for the food (I mean that's why it's a restaurant) I had the Big LOV cheeseburger and was pleasantly surprised. I wouldn't go as far as to say it tasted just like a burger, you'd know you're not eating meat if you blindly ate it, but it was very good. I had some appetizers too, I can't for the life of me remember what they were, I just remember they were great too.

Riv Miller
a month ago

The first 3-4 times I went here the food was very tasteless. I just had a positive experience so I’d like to share what is good to order. The brussel sprouts, dumplings, VegEat burger are safe picks. VegEat is a Quebec company making plant based burgers similar but different from beyond meat. The lemonade and grapefruit mocktail are also pretty good!

Saul Alvarenga
2 months ago

The portions are small for the amount you pay, vegan food should never be this expensive. I love vegan food and it's my third time in this restaurant but I haven't gotten the "wow factor" yet. The waitress was not really receptive despite working in a very zen environment, probably from wearing the mask. Overall the experience here still remains "so - so".

Renuka Sivarajah
a month ago

Beautiful spot. Food is unique. I’m not a vegan, yet the food’s texture is very similar to it’s “meat” version. The only downfall is flavour: very bland in taste. I needed to add lots of pepper, salt, hot sauce...

a month ago

Beautiful restaurant. Excellent service. Loved everything I ordered and will definitely be back.