Gypsy Restaurant & Bar

100 Chemin de Kandahar, Mont-Tremblant, QC J8E 1E2

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(819) 681-8000
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Shay A
10 months ago

*2.5 stars* Service was extremely slow and disorganized. We were the only 2 people in the restaurant at first and all was well but then as soon as a couple other groups came in we were totally forgotten. The yogurt bowl was flavorless. I would really recommend adding honey or more fruit to bring out flavors. I did like that the food was healthier though. Overall I wouldn’t recommend this spot.

Maria Math Tutor
8 months ago

Been here a few times in the last few years. I like this restaurant. I am always happy with the food. It is true sometimes the service is little slow, however this is one of my two favorite restaurants in Mont Tremblant.

P 911S
10 months ago

It is THE best lounge in Mont-Tremblant, it is very spacious, comfortable and respected. It is luxurious and good quality dining. It is perfect for a 5-7 after ski! ( also great place to work, since they are very flexible with employees and gives benefits more than other places on the mountain!)

Chelsea Pomerantz
a year ago

My partner and I ate here last Saturday, and everything from the food to the service was amazing! We loved the fact that it was not super busy the way some of the other restaurants in the town were at that hour. We arrived around 8:30PM, and had to leave at 9:30PM to make it to an event, and asked the waiter if it would be feasible to be in and out in an hour. The waiter was extremely courteous and accommodating, and informed us of what we should/shouldn't order so we could ensure that we would be out in time. We ordered the arancini, fries, roasted vegetable salad and soup - and everything was fresh and delicious! Of course, it's a little pricey due to the tourist-y nature of the town, but in our opinion it was well worth it! Great overall experience!

elias fillas
10 months ago

Horrible service, horrible food, horrible experience. Seated us at 930 for an 8pm reservation. Servers were clueless and forgot half the orders. When the food finally came most of the dishes were not even edible. One of the worst restaurants I've ever been.