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James Cook
a month ago

As far as "fast food" goes this is as good as it gets. Huge menu, lots of fresh veggies and green juice. Plenty of vegan options, love this place it's a staple for me.

Joel Roberts
3 months ago

I picked up Royal Oak Freshii for lunch today and ordered 2 Tex Mex wraps. It was basically just rice inside the wrap. It had a couple beans, 3 pieces of tomato, 5 pieces of corn and a tiny sliver of avocado. There was NO sauce and no cheese. It was dry and tasteless. Very disappointed.

a month ago

The staff was handling garbage and supplies when I came in. Used the til and debit machine with the same gloves and did not change them to make my burrito. The gloves were stained and soiled, she used them the whole time. I had to throw out my burrito, I couldn’t believe one pair of gloves that appearing to be on for several hours was OK.

Michelle Janke
6 months ago

I ordered 3 salads for my friends and myself, my salad was a customized salad with many extras added. I ordered directly from your website as I don't want to support any delivery services due to the amount of money they make from the restaurant and I wanted to support local as I live in the neighborhood. As mentioned, my order was not ready for pickup, so I watched the employees make my salad. The romaine was rusty, there were no red onions and the mushrooms seemed off. The worst part was that the gentleman making my salad had to refer to his personal phone to see my order and what to add, in doing so he scrolled the screen while wearing his glove, then his phone rang, he removed his glove, spoke to the person, hung up, put the same glove on and picked up broccoli and added it to my salad. A clear case of cross contamination, quite concerning with the current situation in the world. I ordered 2 dressings on the side. they were tossed in the bag with the 3 salads, when I opened the bag, 1 dressing container had opened and split all over the order. I am very disappointed as this was my first time eating at Freshii. My almost $20 salad was a waste of money. I will not be ordering from your company again.

Jade Mahon
a month ago

Food is so fresh and healthy! Please survive these times, Freshii