Wrawp - Organic Veggie Wraps, 3 Pack

Wrawp - Organic Veggie Wraps, 3 Pack

Brand - Wrawp
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Quick Description

Like fresh harvest! Wrawp Organic Veggie Wraps are made with 100% veggies and fruits, gluten and egg-free, for a healthier alternative to bread wraps.

Key Information

  • Made with dehydrated fruits and vegetables
  • In 3 delicious flavors
  • More nutritious than bread wraps
  • Organic, gluten-free, paleo
  • No wheat, egg or preservatives

Product Overview

Made with real fruits and veggies, Wrawp Organic Veggie Wraps are a great way to add more fiber and greens to your diet.

100% raw, gluten-free, with low carbs and no preservatives; Wrawp Wraps are a healthier alternative to regular bread wraps.

Make wraps, veggie burritos, sushi rolls, cocktail snacks and dumplings! And who says this is only for wrapping? You can use this as a filler, topping or eat it straight out of the pack.

Ready to wrap? Check out these fresh and delicious flavors:

Original Organic Veggie Wraps

Vegetable and flaxseeds seasoned with herbs and black salt. Neutral but savory, and goes well with anything.

Energy Morning Organic Veggie Wraps

Slightly sweet and fruity, this wrap is perfect for sweet recipes. It’s apple seasoned with raisins and cinnamon, the ideal Wrawp for fruity and nutty wraps.

Spirulina Organic Veggie Wraps

A slightly cooler version of the original featuring nutritious superfood spirulina. Perfect for savory vegan wraps.


100% organic zucchini, apple, flaxseed, young coconut, turmeric, oregano, onion, and black salt.

Energy Morning
100% organic apple, zucchini, flaxseed, coconut, cinnamon, raisins, and coconut nectar.

100% organic zucchini, apple, flaxseed, young coconut, spirulina, turmeric, onion, and black salt.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Wrawp Organic Veggie Wraps are too stiff for wrapping, what should I do?

Your Wrawps are made with dehydrated ingredients and stiffening is normal. You can wet the wraps with water to soften them before use. You can also use spreads and sauces in place of water.

Can I cook my Wrawp Organic Veggie Wraps?

Yes, you can. You can toast and eat them like chips, sprinkle on soup, or use them as pizza “dough”. Don’t be afraid to experiment with Wrawps!

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