Woodstock - Mustard Assorted Flavors

Woodstock - Mustard Assorted Flavors

Brand - Woodstock
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Quick Description

Simply made with the best organic ingredients, Woodstock Mustard is the easy, squeezy and tasty way to spice up vegan burgers and dogs and a whole lot more!

Key Information

  • Organic Squeezy Mustard - Dijon, Stoneground, and Yellow
  • Made with Natural Ingredients
  • Kosher
  • Free from Gluten, GMO, Artificial Colors, Flavors, and Preservatives

Product Overview

Woodstock Mustard is flavorful, bright, and delicious. It is made with a few natural ingredients to deliver those big, bold mustard flavors that you love, with no need for anything nasty. Each flavor uses a delicious blend of organic spices and organic grain vinegar, and is absolutely free from artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Woodstock Mustard is also gluten-free and Kosher certified. Woodstock Mustard comes in a convenient squeezy bottle, perfect for squiggling onto vegan burgers and dogs.

It is also great for making punchy marinades, tangy dressings, and vinaigrettes or adding a spicy kick to sandwiches and bagels. Choose your fighter from Woodstock’s versatile range of assorted flavors and open, squeeze, spread, and enjoy! Woodstock is dedicated to making foods that are better for your plate and better for the planet. For over 30 years, it has taken simple, organic, and non-GMO ingredients from trusted sources to make products that are delicious AND sustainable.

Dijon Mustard

Woodstock’s take on this traditional French mustard is perfectly spicy. It has a paler color and creamier texture than classic American mustard, as well as being more intense and nose-tingling! If you love bold, tangy, and sharp flavors, this is the mustard for you! Use Woodstock Dijon Mustard for dressings, vinaigrettes, and to add the finishing touch to your favorite vegan sub.

Stoneground Mustard

Woodstock Stoneground Mustard is made by grinding mustard seeds in an old-fashioned stonemill to produce a much coarser texture. It has a delicious depth of flavor and just the right level of spice. Use Stoneground Mustard in sandwiches with vegan deli meats, or whip it into your mashed potatoes for some spicy, flavorful flecks!

Yellow Mustard

Woodstock’s take on classic Yellow Mustard is perfectly mild, ideal for adding some tasty, tangy flavor but not too much spice! This iconic yellow condiment gets its characteristic bright color from natural organic turmeric, rather than anything artificial. Woodstock Yellow Mustard is a must for plant-based BBQs for decorating smoky vegan burgers and dogs.


Dijon Mustard: Organic grain vinegar, water, organic mustard seed, salt, organic spices.

 Stoneground Mustard: Organic grain vinegar, water, organic mustard seed, salt, organic spices.

Yellow Mustard: Organic grain vinegar, water, organic mustard seed, salt, organic turmeric, organic paprika, organic spices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to keep Woodstock Mustard refrigerated?

You can keep all Woodstock Mustards stored at an ambient temperature until opening. Once opened, they must be kept refrigerated. This is because Woodstock Mustard is free from artificial preservatives and stabilizers, made with only simple, natural ingredients that stay at their best when chilled. This also means separation is natural so you should give your mustard a good shake before serving to make sure you get that delicious, creamy, squeezable texture!

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