Vegan Rob's - Cauliflower Puffs, 3.5oz

Vegan Rob's - Cauliflower Puffs, 3.5oz

Brand - Vegan Rob's
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Vegan Rob´s Probiotic Cauliflower Puffs is a perfect balance of crunch, with an essence of salt, and just a little sweet, which helps relieve stress and leaves a taste in your mouth that’s out of this world. Vegan Rob´s plant based Cauliflower Puffs are created from ingredients solely of this green earth, loaded with probiotics which support digestive and immune health. You won’t be able to get enough of the crunchy and tasty Vegan Rob´s Cauliflower Puffs! Vegan Rob´s are vegan friendly, gluten free, non GMO, and OU certified kosher.


Organic Whole Grain Sorghum Flour, Organic Sunflower Or Safflower Oil, Cauliflower Powder, Nutritional Yeast, Sea Salt, Evaporated Cane Juice, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Spices, Organic Inulin, Bacillus Coagulans Gbi-30 6086.

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