UnCrave - Anti-Hunger Gum Mint, 7 Packs of 14 pieces

uncrave crisp mint antihunger gum
UnCrave-Anti-Hunger Gum - Mint, 7 packs of 14 pieces
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UnCrave - Anti-Hunger Gum Mint, 7 Packs of 14 pieces

Brand - UnCrave
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Quick Description

Break the binge and achieve your dream weight in no time! Try the UnCrave Anti-Hunger Gum in Mint, and you won’t have to worry about regulating your whole diet as it is clinically proven to control hunger, overeating, and excessive snack cravings. It also contains Satiereal Saffron Flower extract that is naturally effective in improving mood and steady weight loss. Take delight with its mint flavor as if you are nibbling a candy! This fast-absorbing, great-tasting, appetite-suppressant gum is sugar-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, caffeine-free, and vegan friendly.

Ingredients: Satiereal® saffron extract, sorbitol, gum base, xylitol, natural flavors, magnesium stearate, stevia extract, monk fruit extract

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