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Supernatural - Starfetti Sprinkles, 3oz

Supernatural - Starfetti Sprinkles, 3oz

Brand - Supernatural
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Quick Description

You have the rainbow in your hands when you have Starfetti! With multi-colored stars and sequins, this crunchy vegan sprinkle is sure to make people smile.

Key Information

  • Naturally-colored with plant extracts
  • No soy, gluten, palm oil, artificial dyes or confectioner’s glaze
  • Has dot and star-shaped sprinkles in different colors
  • Sweet and crunchy!
  • Certified kosher

Product Overview

Sprinkle the fun! This Rainbow Starfetti is a naturally-colored edible sprinkle in cute star and circle shapes. Colored using spirulina, anthocyanins, turmeric and beets, this sprinkle is vibrant, hypoallergenic, and has no hidden bug juice!

Is your cake lacking in character? Serve a star-studded slice with a pinch of Starfetti on top. Want some texture? This rainbow sprinkle is deliciously crunchy. Cookie looking dull? Starfetti comes in red, blue, white, yellow, purple, pink and green colors!

And with less than 3 grams of sugar per serving, it’s perfect for kids and adults alike. 

There’s no reason to limit yourself to pastries. Add this to smoothies, cereals, sundaes or lunch bowls and you’re sure to brighten someone’s day.


Cane Sugar, Potato Starch, Rice Bran Oil, Maltodextrin, Lemon Juice, Spirulina Extract, Natural Colors from Anthocyanins, Turmeric and Beets, Carnauba Wax.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t it have confectioner’s glaze?

Confectioner’s glaze adds a shiny finish to candy because it contains a resinous sap derived from insects. As a vegan brand, Supernatural is committed to being animal-friendly, whatever their size. It also means you can enjoy your rainbow sprinkles without the creepy crawlies.

Client Reviews

Supernatural - Starfetti Sprinkles, 3oz
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