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Sunfood - Organic Jungle Peanuts, 8oz

Sunfood - Organic Jungle Peanuts, 8oz

Brand - Sunfood
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Quick Description

Sunfood Organic Jungle Peanuts are a deliciously healthy way of adding more nutrition to any dish. On the go, in salads or soups, this nut makes the cut!

Key Information

  • Raw organic jungle peanuts
  • Delicious & nutritious Amazonian snack
  • Sustainably cultivated & harvested
  • No roasting, toasting, salt, or sugar
  • 8g nourishing plant protein per serving

Product Overview

Think you’ve tried peanuts? Think again!

Sustainably cultivated and harvested from deep within the Amazon jungle, we bet that Sunfood Organic Jungle Peanuts are unlike any peanuts you’ve tasted before.

Unlike regular peanuts, these unique Jungle Peanuts have not been hybridized to contain more oil and sugar. They have a rich, peanutty flavor that’s more earthy and aromatic than the common peanut. They also have a beautiful striped appearance which reflects their wild heirloom origins.

Each serving of Sunfood Organic Jungle Peanuts delivers 8g of nourishing plant protein. These tasty nuts are also a great source of essential minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, and manganese.

Sunfood Organic Jungle Peanuts are ideal for trail mixes, snacking, granola, salads, or as a topping for curries and soups. They can also be blended to create your own truly raw and natural peanut butter.


100% certified organic jungle peanuts.

Allergens: Peanuts. Packaged in a facility that also processes peanuts and tree nuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Sunfood Organic Jungle Peanuts a source of complete protein?

Yes! Sunfood Organic Jungle Peanuts contain all nine essential amino acids, meaning they are a complete protein. Incorporating complete proteins into your plant-based diet is a great way to help get all the nutrients you need.

Plus, peanuts are great for snacking or incorporating into meals. Try eating a serving after your workout, chucking a few in your smoothie or topping your salad.

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Sunfood - Organic Jungle Peanuts, 8oz
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