Simply Gum, Gum, Natural Ginger, 15 Pieces Pack of 12

Simply Gum, Gum, Natural Ginger, 15 Pieces Pack of 12

Brand - Simply Gum
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Quick Description

Treat your taste buds to guilt-free satisfaction with Simply Gum Natural Ginger, conveniently offered in a pack of 12 by PlantX. Enhance your snacking journey with this plant-based candy that not only fulfills your sweet desires but also complements a vegan lifestyle. Meticulously crafted with a focus on quality, Simply Gum presents a distinctive fusion of natural flavors, and the ginger-infused delight is a shining example of this commitment.

Each pack contains 15 pieces of delectable vegan gum, providing a burst of spicy ginger goodness with every chew. These vegan snacks & sweets are not only a flavorful escape but also a conscious choice for those who seek ethical and sustainable options in their treats.

Simply Gum stands out as a brand committed to using pure ingredients, free from artificial additives. The vegan candy revolutionizes your snacking routine, offering a refreshing alternative to traditional gums. Perfectly portioned and conveniently packed, this gum is ready to accompany you on your daily adventures.

Whether you're a dedicated vegan or simply exploring plant-based indulgences, Simply Gum Natural Ginger is a delightful addition to your repertoire of vegan snacks & sweets. Elevate your snacking experience with a conscious choice that not only tastes great but also aligns with your values. Order your pack of 12 today from PlantX and savor the goodness of vegan candy like never before.

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