Simply Gum - Gum Assorted Flavors, 15ct

Simply Gum - Gum Assorted Flavors, 15ct

Brand - Simply Gum
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Quick Description

Simply Gum's mouth-watering gums are delicious, all-natural, and 100% plastic-free! Time to say hello to gum that's safe for our world and your body. 

Key Information

  • Plastic-free base - better for you and our world.
  • Free from artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.
  • Made from biodegradable tree sap.
  • Non-GMO project certified.
  • Free from synthetics found in conventional gum

Product Overview

Who doesn’t love a piece of chewing gum for a quick refresh? We certainly do. But did you know that with traditional chewing gums you are chomping on plastic? Shocking, right... with Simply Gums you can change that.

When the founder of Simply Gum heard that regular chewing had a plastic base and was packed with artificial ingredients she set out with a mission. Create flavourful chewing gums with the same refreshing and zesty tastes, but with only natural ingredients and 100% plastic-free.

The result? Simply Gum. A lavish selection of gums made from all-natural ingredients. Simply delicious flavors, ingredients from mother nature, and sleek packaging - a combination will have you happily chewing carefree. 

Ginger Gum

If you are a ginger lover, get ready for the perfect zesty ginger snack. A refreshing gummy kick with all-natural ingredients - good for your body and the planet. You’ll be coming back for more we promise! 

Cleanse Gum

The perfect gum for getting that fresh midday detox feeling when you need it most. Expect a tangy citrus flavor with undertones of spice. Grapefruit, pear, cayenne, and sea salt all wrapped up into a healthy and flavourful explosion!

Revive Gum

Mouthwatering, vibrant, and sharp. Revive does exactly what it says on the packet. An all-natural gum that will give you a new lease of energy, through a luscious mix of chili, lime, and sea salt. 

Boost Gum

Get ready for a burst of mouth-watering flavors with the Simply Boost gum. With Lemongrass, Turmeric, and Cayenne, this is a refreshing flavor explosion that will give you the boost you need at any time of day.

Spearmint Gum

One of the most traditional flavors to keep your mouth fresh! Spearmint has a delicious, fresh and delicate flavor of mint that is also somewhat sweet. This Spearmint Gum is the perfect gum for on the go - true freshness is guaranteed within the first few bites!


Ginger Gum
Organic raw cane sugar natural chicle base (chicle, candelilla wax, citrus acid) natural flavor organic vegetable glycerin organic rice flour

Cleanse Gum
Organic raw cane sugar natural chicle base (chicle, candelilla wax, citric acid) natural grapefruit and prickly pear flavor organic vegetable glycerin cayenne pepper sea salt organic rice flour

Revive Gum
Organic raw cane sugar natural chicle base (chicle, candelilla wax, citric acid) organic vegetable glycerin natural lime and chili flavor cayenne pepper sea salt organic rice flour 

Boost Gum
Organic raw cane sugar natural chicle base (chicle, candelilla wax, citric acid) organic vegetable glycerin lemongrass oil turmeric extract cayenne pepper organic rice flour

Spearmint Gum
Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Natural Chicle Base (chicle, candelilla wax, citric acid), Natural Peppermint Oil, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Rice Flour

Frequently Asked Questions

What gum base does Simply Gum use as an alternative to plastic and where is it sourced?

As an alternative to plastic, Simply Gum uses a chicle base. Chicle is tree sap. It is a biodegradable ingredient, and Simply Gum sources it from sustainable tree sap in Central America. So, you can guarantee you are chewing on ingredients from mother earth - not pieces of plastic! 

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