Sideway Foods - Riced Broccoli, 8.5oz

Sideway Foods - Riced Broccoli, 8.5oz

Brand - Sideway Foods
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Quick Description

If you love Sideway Foods’ Riced Cauliflower, then you’ll certainly love their Riced Broccoli! It’s a wonderful substitute for rice and is so easy to prepare.

Key Information

  • Tender Riced Broccoli
  • Versatile and rich in nutrients 
  • Ready in 90 seconds
  • Cook on the stovetop or microwave

Product Description

Full of dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, Sideway Foods’ Riced Broccoli is arguably better for most diets than rice. It’s lower in carbs and calories! You can simply use it instead of rice or add it to all kinds of soups and stews.


Broccoli, Lactic Acid

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