Seven Ade - Lemonade, 16fl Multiple Flavors

Seven Ade - Lemonade, 16fl Multiple Flavors

Brand - Seven Ade
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Quick Description

Looking for authentic, delicious yuzu juice? Yuzuco has developed this lovely Yuzu super juice that is packed with a bright, sweet Japanese lemony flavor. This is a super delicious ingredient.

Key Information

  • Vegan yuzu juice
  • Made from Japanese Yuzu
  • Never heat-treated for maximum flavor
  • Versatile ingredient
  • Vegan and allergen-free
  • Store in fridge

Product Description

This Yuzu juice is incredible. Yuzuco has developed this Yuzu super juice that is bursting with wonderful citrus flavor. If you’re unfamiliar with Yuzu, it is a Japanese lemon. The flavor is slightly less sharp and slightly more sweet. It serves as a beautiful component of a marinade, sauce, or dressing. It works incredibly well with soy sauce in a deeply flavorful, bright combination


Water, Yuzu Juice, Sugar, Citric Acid, Malic Acid

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