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Rumi Spice - Wild Black Cumin (Ground & Whole)

Rumi Spice - Wild Black Cumin (Ground & Whole)

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Quick Description

Bringing the rich and earthy flavors of the Afghan mountains to you, Rumi Spice Wild Black Cumin (Ground & Whole) will take any dish to the next level!

Key Information

  • Rich and earthy cumin - available in Ground & Whole varieties
  • Spice up any dish - from Indian curries to Mexican fajitas
  • Harvested and packaged by hand
  • 100% wild-crafted natural ingredients
  • BPA-free packaging

Product Overview

Cumin is an essential spice in all kinds of global cuisines. If you’re a keen cook, chances are it’s one of your spice rack staples!

Grown wild in the foothills of the Afghan mountains, Rumi Spice Wild Black Cumin is a very special kind of cumin. This truly unique spice has a deep, aromatic, and deliciously piney flavor, born of the mountainous terroir.

This particular variety of Black Cumin is found only in this remote region of Afghanistan - and it can come straight to your table! You will find it has such a rich flavor that a little goes a long way in any dish.

Use it in all kinds of plant-based dishes, from curries and soups to fajitas and falafel.

Foraged, hand-harvested, and processed by the women of the mountain communities, choosing Rumi Spice Wild Black Cumin (Ground & Whole) helps to support these communities by catalyzing sustainable economic development and empowerment.

Rumi Spice Wild Black Cumin (Ground & Whole) has no added salt, preservatives, or fillers. All Rumi spices are packaged by hand in BPA-free glass jars for maximum freshness.


100% Rumi Spice black cumin

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of harvesting Rumi Spice Wild Black Cumin (Ground & Whole)?

Rumi Spice Wild Black Cumin plants are grown wild on the foothills of the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan. The plants are annuals, meaning they readily reseed and can become overgrown in some areas. The harvest is 100% sustainable and Black Cumin has a long history of culinary and medical use in this area.

In the summer, the cumin is carefully hand-picked and processed by Afghan women. These women have partnered with Rumi who are working hard to support Afghan agricultural infrastructure and the empowerment of rural communities

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