Rumi Spice - Herati Coriander Whole Seed, 1oz

Rumi Spice - Herati Coriander Whole Seed, 1oz

Brand - Rumi Spice
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Quick Description

Ethically sourced in Afghanistan, Rumi Spice Herati Coriander Whole Seed has a warm citrus flavor with notes of pepper & mint, perfect for cooking & baking.

Key Information

  • Artisanal Afghan coriander - whole seeds
  • Warm, citrus flavor with hints of pepper and mint
  • Ethically sourced
  • No added salt
  • BPA-free packaging

Product Overview

With a delicate sweetness and warm, citrusy flavor, Rumi Spice Herati Coriander Whole Seed is an essential for any vegan chef’s spice rack.

This unique spice is sustainably grown and harvested in the Herat region of Afghanistan. Rumi is committed to supporting the development of the rural agricultural economy and infrastructure, as well as empowering growers and their communities.

Unlike ground coriander, Rumi Spice Herati Coriander Whole Seed retains all the flavors of the fresh spice. It has much more aromatic complexity than the varieties you might be used to - with nuances of pepper, mint, and zesty citrus.

Use Rumi Spice Herati Coriander Whole Seed in curries, stews, marinades, baking, pickling, and more. It pairs well with many other vegan spices - from cumin and garlic to nutmeg and cinnamon.

All Rumi spices are 100% free from added salt or preservatives. They are packaged by hand in BPA-free glass jars to ensure maximum freshness.


100% Herati Coriander (Whole Seed)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Rumi Spice Herati Coriander Whole Seed?

Coriander’s flavors are locked into the seed and are released in the grinding process. This is why all the pros buy whole seeds, grinding just before use for maximum fresh, bold taste!

Simply toast in a dry pan until the room starts filling with a delicious aroma before grinding with a mortar and pestle. You can even use a clean electric grinder (but not one you use for coffee)!

You can also use Rumi Spice Herati Coriander Whole Seed without grinding. Atop homemade bread, in the pickling process, and sprinkled onto a warm winter soup - the possibilities of this humble seed are endless!

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