Rishi - English Breakfast Tea, 15 Bags

Rishi - English Breakfast Tea, 15 Bags
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Rishi - English Breakfast Tea, 15 Bags

Brand - Rishi
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Quick Description

The ideal pick-me-up to get your day started just right, Rishi English Breakfast Tea is lively, nuanced, and deliciously aromatic.

Key Information

  • 15 Bags of Organic, Full-Bodied English Breakfast Tea
  • Brisk and Robust with Sweet Caramel Undertones
  • Plant-Based and Non-GMO
  • Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, and Kosher-Friendly
  • High in Caffeine - Perfect First Thing in the Morning

Product Overview

If you are looking for something to replace your morning coffee, but still give you a buzz and wake you up, then Rishi English Breakfast Tea is the beverage for you!

Made from a blend that has been studied and tested for years, this tea offers a delightful experience, with stunning aromas, vibrant color, and robust taste.

This fragrant black tea is made with plant-based and organic ingredients. A wonderful kosher-friendly choice, this English breakfast tea is gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO. Rishi English Breakfast Tea does contain caffeine as it is a black tea, so it is the perfect coffee alternative to start your day off.

To prepare

To get a delicious cup of that needed morning boost you will need 8 oz of boiling water. Pour it in and allow it to steep for 4 minutes, and then feel free to add your favorite milk alternative and sweetener.


Organic black tea

Frequently Asked Questions

What steps does Rishi take to ensure the purity of its tea?

Rishi is passionate about its intense quality control program that starts in the field.

Along with the USDA Organic certification, during peak crop season Rishi buyers travel

to every single farm to evaluate and taste the quality of the tea each year. This allows them to see organic tea cultivation for themselves. To guarantee that all their organic teas are free of pesticides or other contaminants, Rishi has its compliance team perform supplemental spot-testing on select teas.

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