Rind - Coconut Crisps, 3.5oz

Rind - Coconut Crisps, 3.5oz
Rind - Coconut Crisps, 3.5oz - back
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Rind - Coconut Crisps, 3.5oz

Brand - Rind
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Quick Description

Dried fruit never looked quite like this! Rind’s Coco-Melon Fruit Blend is a unique mix of coconut and watermelon that have been dried with the rind on. What that does is provide us with extra nutrients like fiber! Add that to the potassium, vitamin C, and magnesium it already brings, and you’re getting one awesome treat! They’re sweet and crispy, perfect for low-calorie snacking (they’re only 170 calories a serving!).

Key Information

  • Crunchy and creamy dried coconuts
  • Contains pulp and (thin) husk
  • Rich in healthy fat
  • Naturally rich in nutrients
  • Non-GMO, keto and paleo-friendly

Product Overview

Rind Coconut Crisps are crispy dried strips of coconut fruit, from meat to rind!
Crunchy and creamy, it’s a delicious snack on its own, but you can add it to vegan ice cream, cookies, pies, and cocktails for a tropical vibe.

It’s not just tasty, dried coconut is rich in healthy fat, fiber, potassium, calcium, and antioxidants!

Why the whole fruit? Because rinds add texture and eating the whole fruit maximizes your nutrient intake while minimizing food waste.

While eating a whole coconut sounds a bit intimidating... the rind here is actually just a thin slice of the endocarp, the edible and nutritious brown part next to the meat.

No added sugar, preservatives, or flavorings, each bag is 100% real fruit!


Dried organic unsweetened coconut

Allergens: Tree Nuts (Coconuts)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does RInd help to reduce waste?

By encouraging people to eat fruit rinds, Rind is able to provide precious nutrition and reduce unnecessary trash. For perspective, Rind successfully saved 120,880 pounds of food waste in 2020. That’s also 120,880 pounds of nutrition and its money equivalent (remember, we buy fruits by weight, including the rind!).

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