Rebel Cheese - Vegan Brie, 6oz

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Rebel Cheese - Vegan Brie, 6oz
Rebel Cheese - Vegan Brie, 6oz - back

Rebel Cheese - Vegan Brie, 6oz

Brand - Rebel Cheese
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Quick Description

Join the dairy and egg-free cheeseclub and enjoy Vegan Brie from Rebel Cheese. The smooth texture invites you to a plant-based cheese adventure à la française!

Key Information

  • Free from soy, sulfite, dairy, egg and gluten
  • Vegan
  • Store in refrigerator
  • Suitable for home freezing

Product Overview

If you told Louis XIV, that you don’t need any cows to create a dreamily creamy cheese, 100% dairy-free and plant-based, all his farmers would have lost their jobs. Thankfully, times have changed and this rebellion is as peaceful as tasty, even offering jobs with the creation of Vegan Brie from Rebel Cheese.

With its creamily earthy taste, you would never guess that it needs so few ingredients to create this mouth-melting Vegan Brie. To highlight this famous dairy-free cheese, Rebel Cheese even created the real rind around the smoothingly soft inside.

Very appealing, the round, white beauty is perfect as a cheesy gift. Paired with the right crisp white wine it creates a dreamy atmosphere taking you and your guests straight to the streets of Paris. Even heated in the oven, Rebel Cheese’s Vegan Brie is a hit. And if you don’t consume it straight away, the Vegan Brie is perfectly suitable for home freezing.

Always remember though, good cheese is like a good wine. Give it some time to breathe and cool down. Approximately 1 hour before consuming, take the Vegan Brie from Rebel Cheese out of the fridge to allow it to cool down to room temperature. Vive les État-Unis for creating such a smooth plant-based cheese.


Fair Trade Cashews, Vegan Enzymes, Salt, Cultures.
Allergens: Contains Tree Nuts (Cashews).

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Vegan Brie be so creamy?

The answer to this question is simple: Nuts make the music! And for the Vegan Brie from Rebel Cheese, it is all about cashews. Very famously used for plant-based food, these little oily nuts make Rebel Cheese’s Vegan Brie so dreamily creamy and enrich the taste of this little French favorite.

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