Portfolio - Fazenda Sucuri Single Origin Brazilian Coffee, 12oz

Portfolio - Fazenda Sucuri Single Origin Brazilian Coffee, 12oz

Brand - Portfolio
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Quick Description

Treat yourself to Portfolio’s Fazenda Sucuri Single Origin Brazilian Coffee. Silky, strong with dark chocolate tones, there’s no better way to start your day!

Key Information

  • Dark Roasted Whole Coffee Bean
  • Delicious Notes Of Dark Chocolate
  • Heavy Bodied and Silky
  • Strong Coffee With Low Acidity
  • Made From Single-Origin Yellow Catuai Brazilian Coffee Beans
  • Sourced From The Cachoeira Mineiro Region

Product Overview

Full of flavour, heavy-bodied and laced with tones of dark chocolate, Portfolio’s Fazenda Sucuri Single Origin Brazilian Coffee is what pure, rich coffee should taste like. A special single-origin blend made for all you crazy coffee lovers out there!

We just love this cup of jo’, and it all starts with the coffee beans. Portfolio uses the highest-grade Yellow Catuai coffee beans from the Sucuri region, where they’re grown at 1100m above sea level. They’re then naturally sun-dried in their full cherry casing, which gives the coffee its strong taste and low acidity.

There’s no better way to kickstart your day with a deliciously strong cup of Portfolio’s Fazenda Sucuri Coffee. If you love a strong coffee with a long aftertaste, then this is perfect for you. It’s velvety and smooth which makes it oh so easy to drink.


100% Yellow Catuai Coffee Beans

Frequently Asked Questions

How Freshly Roasted Is Portfolio’s Coffee?

Portfolio believes that its customers deserve only the freshest coffee. All of their beans are sent directly from the farms to Toronto, where they’re roasted to perfection and then sent to you at lightning speeds.

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