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PlantFusion - Vanilla Protein Powder, 15.87oz

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Plant Fusion - Vanilla Protein Powder, the protein powder formulated for women. To achieve optimal performance, you need a holistic approach and that’s what Plant Fusion guarantees. Made from pomegranate extract, L-theanine and ashwagandha to balance stress and maintain focus along with biotin to support healthy metabolic function.

Ingredients: PlantFusion Amino Acid Infused Protein Blend: (Pea Protein Isolate, Artichoke Protein, Organic Sprouted Amaranth Powder and Organic Sprouted Quinoa Powder) Providing 4,500 mg BCAAs (L-Isoleucine, L- Leucine and L-Valine) and 3,350 mg L-Glutamine. PlantFusion Proprietary Enzyme Blend: Bromelain and Alpha Galactosidase with other naturally occurring enzymes. Other Ingredients: Fructose, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Stevia, Silica and Guar Gum.


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PlantFusion - Vanilla Protein Powder, 15.87oz
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