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OhSoTasty - Soy Satisfying Soup, 0.68 oz

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Change your usual instant cup of noodles into this tantalizing instant noodle cup. This OhSOTasty Soy Satisfying Soup will satisfy your love for low carb, Keto-friendly, gluten-free, non-GMO, no MSG, low sodium, healthy food. What’s more, preparing it couldn’t be easier in this convenient cup. Crafted with a sea vegetable noodle called Kanten, you can have a traditional superfood but with modern-day convenience.

Ingredients: Agar, powdered soybean paste (with rice), dried onion, soymilk powder (with maltose), dried cabbage, tofu, (soybeans, maltose, starch [potato, tapioca], calcium sulfate), sugar, powdered palm oil, yeast extract powder, salt, dried green onions, shiitake mushroom extract powder, celery powder.

OhSoTasty - Soy Satisfying Soup, 0.68 oz
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