Muso From Japan - Organic Sprinkling Furikake Seasonings

Muso From Japan - Organic Sprinkling Furikake Seasonings

Brand - Muso From Japan
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Quick Description

Welcome to Japan. Muso’s Sprinkling Furikake Seasonings showcase traditional Japanese flavors at their best. Delicious, plant-based, and organic!

Key Information

  • Ready-to-use table condiment
  • Organic
  • Original Japanese Recipe
  • No Additives
  • No Artificial Flavors

Product Overview

Established in 1953, the Muso from Japan team has been producing great-tasting, authentic Japanese products for almost half a century. Their mission? To create great-tasting traditional food based on macrobiotic principles that can be enjoyed worldwide. With their level of expertise, we know that we are in safe hands. Their Sprinkling Furikake Seasonings are a fine example of their top-notch produce. The Furikake flavoring is one of the most popular seasonings in Japanese homes, and over the last few years, it has gained in popularity worldwide. Why? Because it tastes amazing. A sprinkling of Furikake can transform a bowl of rice, reinvigorate Ramens, and strengthen stews. Its crunchy texture and popping flavor are addictive and will revolutionize your cooking.

The Muso Sprinkling Furikake Seasonings are brimming with the traditional crunch and zingy flavors that made Furikake famous. In their easy-to-use pots, they are a perfect addition to your table and make the perfect accompaniment to your food. The best part? They are made entirely from plant-based organic ingredients, with no added additives or artificial flavors. So, these delicious seasonings can be sprinkled onto food safe in the knowledge that they are entirely good for you - and good for the planet!

Muso Sprinkling Furikake Umeboshi

The Muso Sprinkling Furikake Umeboshi is a flavor bomb. A blend of toasted sesame seeds, green nori flakes, and dried Umeboshi - salty, acidic, umami flavors dominate this delicious mix. Sprinkle onto rice, noodles, or salads for a flavorsome feast!

Muso Sprinkling Furikake Seaweed

The flavors of the Moso Sprinkling Furikake Seaweed will take your breath away. Here, toasted sesame seeds and green nori flakes are blended with Aosa Seaweed. The result? An extra salty crunch that gets your mouth watering.

Muso Sprinkling Furikake Yuzu

The Muso Sprinkling Furikake Yuzu is made up of a mix of toasted sesame seeds, green nori flakes, and dried yuzu citrus zests. A feast for the tongue, this seasoning has a distinct citrus twang and floral umami aroma. Flavors you can’t say no to!


Sprinkling Furikake Umeboshi: Salt Cured Toasted Black Sesame Seeds* (Black Sesame Seeds*, Sea Salt), Toasted White Sesame Seeds*, Ground White Sesame Seeds*, Dried Umeboshi Flakes* (Ume Plums*, Shiso Leaves*, Sea Salt), Dried Shiso Flakes (Shiso Leaves*, Sea Salt), Green Nori Flakes, Sea Salt.

Moso Sprinkling Furikake Seaweed: Salt Cured Toasted Black Sesame Seeds* (Black Sesame Seeds*, Sea Salt), Toasted White Sesame Seeds*, Ground White Sesame Seeds*, Green Nori Flakes.

Muso Sprinkling Furikake Yuzu: Toasted White Sesame Seeds* Salt Cured Toasted Black Sesame Seeds* (Black Sesame Seeds*. Sea Salt), Ground White Sesame Seeds*, Dried Yuzu Citrus Zests‘, Green Nori Flakes Sea Salt.

Where does Furikake come from?

Originating in Japan over a century ago, it is widely thought that, originally, Furikake was introduced to help combat calcium deficiencies in the population. Traditionally, the recipe contained dried fish, alongside the sesame seeds and nori, to help balance people’s diets. Over the years, this seasoning mix became more and more popular and is now enjoyed by people all over the world. Over the course of time, the recipe has also been refined and adapted to meet different needs. The Muso version is a prime example. Made entirely from plant-based organic products, they didn’t need dried fish to produce the distinctive, authentic, and delicious Furikake taste. Give it a go yourself and see what you think!

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