Mike's Mighty Good - Craft Ramen Vegetarian Kimchi Soup, 2.3oz

Mike's Mighty Good - Craft Ramen Vegetarian Kimchi Soup, 2.3oz

Brand - Mike's Mighty Good
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Quick Description

Delicious, satisfying, and super easy to make, look to Mike’s Mighty Good’s Craft Ramen Vegetarian Kimchi Soup for healthier and tastier instant noodles.

Key Information

  • Kimchi flavored ramen noodle soup
  • Made with simple ingredients
  • Organic made-from-scratch noodles
  • Non-GMO and vegan

Product Overview

Secretly love instant ramen but want a healthier version? Look no further than Mike’s Mighty Good Craft Ramen Vegetarian Kimchi Soup. Spicy, sumptuous but not too salty, Mike is here to satisfy all of your instant noodle cravings.

With 40% less sodium per ounce compared to leading ramen brands, this ramen has an intensely rich broth and uses organic noodles made from scratch in Woodland, CA. Flavored with kimchi, this soup is incredibly tasty with a hint of spice.

Super satisfying on its own, this Craft Ramen Kimchi Soup can also be used as a base for all your favorite toppings. Sauté some mushrooms and tofu with soy sauce, add some chopped spring onions and finish with a sprinkling of sesame seeds for an extra hearty meal. Absolutely divine!


Organic Unbleached Wheat Flour, Natural Flavors, Organic Sunflower Oil, Miso* (Soybeans, Cultured Rice [rice, Aspergillus Oryzae], Salt), Organic Potato Starch, Organic Sugar, Sea Salt, Chili Pepper*, Organic Wheat Gluten, Garlic*, Yeast Extracts, Fermented Soybean Sauce* (Soybeans, Wheat, Salt), Kombu Extract*, Organic Sesame Oil, Spices, Green Onion*.
*Certified Organic
Allergens: Gluten, Sesame

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to cook this ramen?

Unlike many other instant ramen noodles, Mike’s Mighty Good Craft Ramen Vegetarian Kimchi Soup recommends either boiling the noodles in water or adding them to hot water and letting them sit. Then you can add the flavor packet and stir to combine all the delicious tastes.

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