Mavuno Harvest - Dried Fruit Assorted Flavors, 2oz

Mavuno Harvest - Dried Fruit Assorted Flavors, 2oz

Brand - Mavuno Harvest
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Quick Description

Here’s a fruit snack you’ll be munching on all day long! Mavuno Harvest’s Organic Dried Fruit is the perfect way to keep energy levels up while keeping healthy!

Key Information

  • Organic Dried Fruit
  • Ethically sourced
  • Vegan
  • Direct Trade Certified
  • Non-GMO 
  • No added sugar or preservatives!

Product Overview 

Eating healthy has never been easier with Mavuno Harvest’s Dried Fruit. Mouth-watering, soft, and naturally sweet - Mavuno Harvest has created bites of fruity heaven with their dried fruit range.

Perfect for satisfying that sweet tooth and keeping your body fit and healthy! 

Surprisingly filling, these little snacks will leave you energized throughout the day. The handy, resealable bag makes them ideal when you’re on the go and busy. Unlike many other dried fruit snacks, there are no added sugars or preservatives. 

These snacks are bursting with their own natural sweetness and flavor after being grown organically in Africa. So you don’t have to worry about any added, unnecessary ingredients! If snacking on some fruit wasn’t healthy enough, now it’s even better! 

There are so many delicious fruits to try - and guess what? We recommend them all! Why not buy a few different packs, and mix and match fruits for an explosion of flavor?

Organic Dried Mango

This mouthwatering mango will make you go mmm… with a natural tanginess that avoids an overly sugary taste, this pack of organic dried mango is the staple snack we all need. A great source of vitamin A, C, iron, and potassium - make sure you’re eating this superfood as regularly as you can!

Organic Dried Jackfruit

With a great, chewy texture and a delicious natural flavor, this dried jackfruit is arguably better than fresh jackfruit. A great sweet snack to pick you up between meals, and a great source of vitamin C, you’ll be munching on these all day long.

Organic Dried Papaya

These thin slices of dried papaya are the perfect way to introduce nutritious fruit into your diet. With a proper papaya flavor, these are not only delicious but also rich in antioxidants, which are super important for maintaining a healthy immune system. 

Organic Dried Pineapple

For those of us who have a super sweet tooth, Mavuno’s Organic Dried Pineapple is the one we need. With zero fat, cholesterol, and sodium, this natural and clean snack is a treat for your taste buds and your body. Dried pineapple is also a great source of fiber - healthy snacking has never been so easy!

Organic Dried Tropical Mix

If you’re looking to mix it up, give the Tropical Mix bag a try! With organic mango, banana and pineapple, you’ll transport your senses to the tropics with this exciting mash-up of fruity flavors. Why not sprinkle some in with your cereal, or a vegan yogurt?

Organic Dried Mango and Chili

This one is for those of us who appreciate a little spice in their life! The sweet, sun-ripened mango paired with the fiery chili will tantalize your taste buds with heat and flavor. If you’re wanting to try something a bit different, then give these a go.


Organic Dried Mango: Organic dried mango

Organic Dried Jackfruit: Organic dried jackfruit

Organic Dried Papaya: Organic dried papaya

Organic Dried Pineapple: Organic dried pineapple

Organic Dried Tropical Mix: Organic dried mango, Organic dried pineapple, Organic dried banana

Organic Dried Mango and Chili: Organic dried mango, Organic chili

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so great about Mavuno Harvest?

We don’t just love Mavuno Harvest because their products taste so great, they also source their ingredients ethically. Working closely with rural farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa, Mavuno Harvest helps to create jobs and opportunities for people living in one of the poorest regions in the world.

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