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Maldon - Sea Salt Smoked, 4.4oz

Maldon - Sea Salt Smoked, 4.4oz

Brand - Maldon
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Quick Description

Get smoky with Maldon’s Smoked Sea Salt. Made using ancient hand-harvesting methods dating from 140 years ago, this salt is nothing but perfection!

Key Information

  • Unique Pyramid Shaped Salt Crystals
  • Gently Smoked over Oak
  • Hand Crafted used Traditional Artisanal Methods
  • Gluten-free, Kosher, and Vegan
  • Made in Essex, Maldon, UK

Product Overview

Give your cooking an extra edge with Maldon’s Smoked Sea Salt. 

Maldon has over 140 years to its belt and has completely mastered its salt-making skills, using traditional hand-harvesting methods and specific temperatures to create its signature pyramid-shaped salt crystals.

This Sea Salt is gently smoked over oak, giving it a natural saltiness and smoky notes and aromas that intensify and enhance the natural flavor of any food.

Stir into plant-based burger marinades, top up your soup, or sprinkle over food, just take a pinch and rub between your fingers. Seize the opportunity of true gourmet seasoning!

Directions of Use

Keep in a dry, cool location.


100% Smoked Sea Salt Flakes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maldon’s History?

Maldon is a four-generation family-run business, founded all the way back in 1882! It began with the Osborne family and prides itself on its ancient salt hand-harvesting methods. Through these generations, it has mastered temperature, harvesting methods, and various techniques, all of which create its signature pyramid-shaped salt crystals. 

Client Reviews

Maldon - Sea Salt Smoked, 4.4oz
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