LightLife - Deli Slices - Smart Slice Ham

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LightLife - Smart Slice Ham, 5.5 - Front
LightLife - Smart Slice Bologna, 5.5 - Front
LightLife Smart Slice Bologna, 5.5- Back
LightLife - Smart Slice Turkey, 5.5 - Front
LightLife Smart Slice Ham, 5.5- Back
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LightLife - Deli Slices - Smart Slice Ham

Brand - LightLife
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Quick Description

Transform your favorite sub with Lightlife Smart Deli Slices. They deliver the flavor and texture of much-loved classic deli meats, only now 100% plant-based!

Key Information

  • 100% Vegan Deli Slices
  • Plant-Based Protein
  • Made by a Carbon Neutral Company
  • Great for Sandwiches
  • Free From Saturated Fat and Cholesterol

Product Overview

Made with carefully chosen, plant-based ingredients, Lightlife Smart Deli Slices bring delicious deli cold-cuts to the vegan table. Choose between three popular deli classics and construct your favorite sub however you like it. Lightlife Smart Deli Slices are high in protein and free from saturated fats, cholesterol, nitrites, and other harmful additives and preservatives found in processed meats. Lightlife’s cruelty-free meatless luncheon meats put subs, sandwiches, and melts back on the menu without compromising flavor and texture or sustainability and animal welfare. Better for you and our planet, choose Lightlife Smart Deli Slices and make every sandwich a hero. Ready sliced and good to go, these convenient slices are perfect for whipping up lunch in a rush or a snack on the fly.

Smart Deli Ham

Enjoy the classic savory, smoky taste of ham with none of the saturated fats, cholesterol, or nitrites found in animal-based ham. Try it in your favorite ham salad sandwich, an indulgent vegan Croque monsieur, or shredded into creamy pasta with peas.

Smart Deli Bologna

This plant-based bologna delivers the tangy, smoky taste of bologna with none of the nasties often found in processed meats. For an authentic deli sandwich, layer up Smart Deli Bologna with mustard, vegan mayo, and crisp lettuce, and enjoy!

Smart Deli Turkey

This cruelty-free version of your favorite cold-cut has a well-seasoned, mild flavor and a moist, meaty texture. Enjoy Smart Deli Turkey in a sandwich with plenty of tangy cranberry sauce, in a well-stacked sub bursting with veggies and condiments, or an indulgent Turkey melt with a twist.


Smart Deli Ham: Water, Soy Protein Isolate, Wheat Gluten, Natural Flavor, Salt, Sunflower Oil, Glutamic Acid, Soybean Oil, Cane Sugar, Contains Less Than 2% Of Carrageenan, Sea Salt, Yeast Extract, Smoked Sugar, Red Rice Flour (Color), Oleoresin Paprika (Color).

Smart Deli Bologna: Water, Soy Protein Isolate, Wheat Gluten, Soybean Oil, Natural Flavor, Salt, Sunflower Oil, Glutamic Acid, Contains 2% Or Less Of Cane Sugar, Carrageenan, Dehydrated Garlic, Canola Oil, Oleoresin Paprika (Color), Red Rice Flour (Color).

Smart Deli Turkey: Water, Wheat Gluten, Soy Protein Isolate, Soybean Oil, Contains 2% Or Less Of Soy Sauce (Water, Soybeans, Salt, Wheat, Alcohol), Tapioca Starch, Natural Flavor, Salt, Yeast Extract, Carrageenan, Soy Protein Concentrate, Dehydrated Garlic, Navy Bean Flour, Rice Bran.

Where does the protein in Lightlife Smart Deli Slices come from?

Lightlife Smart Deli Slices are made from Vital Wheat Gluten (Seitan) and Soy Protein Isolate. Both are commonly used in meat-free alternatives because of their meaty texture, versatility in cooking, and high protein content. Vital Wheat Gluten is high in protein and other essential minerals and low in carbs and fat, making it a great plant-based alternative for making deli meats. Lightlife Smart Deli Slices contain 13g of protein per serving and 0g of saturated fats.

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