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Lagusta's Luscious - Bourbon Chile Bar, 1.94oz

Lagusta's Luscious - Bourbon Chile Bar, 1.94oz

Brand - Lagusta's Luscious
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Quick Description

This Bourbon Chile Bar from Lagusta’s Luscious is boozy, soft, and rich. With a spicy flavor and organic, ethically sourced, and sustainable ingredients.

Key Information 

  • 100% vegan 
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Woman-owned
  • With Tuthilltown Spirits bourbon

Product Overview

Powered by women, Lagusta’s Luscious is a sustainable company founded in 2003. They believe in the powerful sources of the earth and use only ingredients that are also good for the earth. And this is how the Lagusta's Luscious Bourbon Chile Bar was born.

You know how most chocolate that claims to have alcohol inside it really doesn’t? Well, this one has an extra kick that you can feel with the first bite. 

The fudgy texture resembles the gentleness of velvety truffles. Flavored with locally-made, award-winning Tuthilltown Spirits bourbon, this unique bar contains medium-hot pasilla chilies and a pinch of fleur de sel sea salt. 

The Lagusta's Luscious Bourbon Chile Bar is organic, non-GMO, and 100% vegan!


Truly Ethical Chocolate (Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Vegan Sugar, Soy Lecithin, Vanilla), Organic Vegan Fair Trade Evaporated Cane Juice Sugar, Organic Coconut Milk, Organic Coconut Oil, Tuthilltown Spirits Bourbon, Pasilla Chilies, Ancho Chilies, Cayenne Chilies, Vanilla, Fleur De Sel Sea Salt, Cream Of Tartar.
Allergens: Soy, Coconut

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Pasilla Chillies?

Pasilla chile is also called chile negro, and is the dried form of the chilaca chili pepper. This pepper is long and narrow and is named for its dark and wrinkly skin. The spiciness varies from mild to hot.

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Lagusta's Luscious - Bourbon Chile Bar, 1.94oz
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