LaCroix - Sparkling Water, 12 fl oz Assorted Flavors

LaCroix - Sparkling Water, 12 fl oz Assorted Flavors

Brand - LaCroix
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Quick Description

Refresh and hydrate with these delicious Sparkling Waters from LaCroix. Coming in three original flavors, these are the perfect alternative to soda!

Key Information

  • Vegan-friendly product 
  • Made using 100% natural and non-GMO ingredients 
  • Sugar-free and contains no artificial flavors! 
  • Zero calories 
  • A great alternative to sugary soda

Product Overview 

LaCroix promises a refreshing and hydrating beverage for whatever you’re doing. At the office? At the gym? At home? They’ve got you covered.

This delicious range of Sparkling Waters comes in three tasty varieties that are perfect for all occasions! Enjoy straight out the bottle or unleash your creativity and invent your very own mocktails.

All of these beverages contain zero sugar, calories, or artificial ingredients! A great alternative to soda that can be enjoyed again and again. 

All of LaCroix’s Sparkling Waters have been made with purified and triple filtered water that is sourced in the USA.

LaCroix Sparkling Water Lemon

This Sparkling Water has been naturally infused with lemon to give you a delicious beverage that is refreshing and hydrating. A zero-sugar alternative to lemonade, this Sparkling Water is just the thing for a hot summer’s afternoon! Serve with ice cubes and a metal straw for the ultimate pool-side cooler. 

LaCroix Sparkling Water Lime

Each sip of this Lime Sparkling Water from LaCroix is bursting full of all that tangy lime taste. Containing zero calories, sugar, or artificial ingredients, this is a guilt-free beverage that can be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere. Serve with ice and wedge in some fresh mint leaves for a virgin mojito! 

LaCroix Sparkling Water Passion Fruit

This Passion Fruit Sparkling Water is loaded with natural and tropical passion fruit flavor. The perfect drink for those dull days when your taste buds need a little bit of guilt-free excitement. Combine with some freshly squeezed orange juice for a tasty tropical morning treat, guaranteed to liven you up! 


LaCroix Sparkling Water Lemon
Carbonated Water, Naturally Essenced 

LaCroix Sparkling Water Lime
Carbonated Water, Naturally Essenced 

LaCroix Sparkling Water Passion Fruit
Carbonated Water, Naturally Essenced 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What does it mean when a drink is “naturally essenced”? 

Natural essence is a clear and condensed natural chemical flavoring that is developed by heating fruit and vegetable skins and rinds. Natural essence is actually used in a wide range of products ranging from shampoos and coffees to, you guessed it, sparkling waters!

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