Kettle & Fire - Vegetable Broth, 32oz

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Kettle & Fire - Vegetable Broth, 32oz

Brand - Kettle & Fire
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Quick Description

Comfort food cooking calls for Kettle and Fire Vegetable Broth. Slow-simmered and made with all-natural ingredients, it’s the perfect brew for soups and stews!

Key Information

  • Gluten and Dairy-Free
  • No Added Sugar
  • Approximately Four Servings Per Container
  • Made with All-Natural Ingredients
  • Adds Rich, Savory Flavor to Soups and Stews

Product Overview

The days of using fake-tasting cubes of suspicious stock powder are a thing of the past! Kettle and Fire lovingly craft their broths using fresh, organic ingredients that have been ethically farmed, supporting small businesses and ensuring no nasty chemicals and nothing artificial make their way in!

Rich and full of all-natural flavor, this brilliant broth will create savory dishes you’ll definitely want to savor! The stock is slow-simmered for over twenty hours to ensure that every last drop of goodness has been extracted. It makes a superior base for soups, stews, and sautés. Or, why not give it a go in a veggie risotto?

Containing only 1 gram of carbs per portion, it is perfect for those following a keto diet, and is also fit for paleo people too!

The broth is packed and sealed while still piping, meaning you get the ultimate freshness and shelf life of two years! Not to mention, the packaging is totally recyclable, and can simply be sealed up if you don’t need to use it all at once.


Water, Organic Tomato Paste, Sea Salt, Organic Vegetable Extract (organic carrots, organic onions, organic leeks), Organic Mushroom Extract (organic mushroom).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is vegetable broth actually healthy?

Of course! Have you ever heard that cooking vegetables decreases their nutrient content? Well, all those nutrients have to go somewhere! Vegetable broth contains copious amounts of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, calcium and fiber.

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