Imlakesh Organics - Sacha Inchi Nuts (Roasted & Salted), 2.25oz

Imlakesh Organics - Sacha Inchi Nuts (Roasted & Salted), 2.25oz

Brand - Imlakesh Organics
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Quick Description

Make the Sacha Inchi “superfood” nut a part of your daily routine. Naturally rich in vitamins and minerals and high in protein, these nuts are a sure fire way to boost your overall health.

Key Information

  • Vegan-Friendly snack that is perfect for when you’re on the go
  • Naturally Gluten-Free
  • Contains Nuts 
  • Keto and Paleo Friendly 
  • Great source of Omega-3 Oils and Protein
  • Comes in two different sizes

Product Overview

For millennia human beings lived as hunter-gathers feasting on a rich diet of nuts and berries which provided them with the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals that they needed for survival. Imlakesh Organics are committed to helping consumers reintroduce a variety of healthy forest nuts into their plant-based diets, helping to boost physical health and overall wellbeing. 

Although technically seeds , these Sacha Inchi Nuts otherwise known as Inca Peanuts are a delicious superfood snack that is guaranteed to leave you bursting full of energy and ready to go. These nuts have a beautiful light green color when fresh and turn deep brown after being roasted. Imlakesh Organics have carefully seasoned their nuts with sea salt to help bring out all of that delicious earthy flavor. 

So let's break down some of the key nutritional benefits of this self-declared “rainforest super nut”. Low-carb and high in protein, these Sacha Inchi Nuts from Imlakesh Organics have everything that you need to enrich your diet and leave you feeling your absolute best. 

One 100g serving of Sacha Inci nuts contains a whopping 23g of protein, which is considerably higher than most other nuts or seeds. Not to mention they are extremely rich in magnesium, iron, copper and zinc and an excellent source of omega-3 oils. 

Imlakesh Organics offer these nuts in a handy snack-sized pouch (2.25oz) or a larger jar (16oz) if you have many mouths to feed! 


Organic Sacha Inchi Seeds, Sea Salt

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Sacha Inchi Nuts grown?

This delicious nut is grown principally in the Amazon Rainforest and in South-East Asia. Nowadays, most of the haversiting of this popular superfood takes place in Peru.

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