Health Ade - Pop Apple Snap Prebiotic Soda, 12oz

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Health Ade - Pop Apple Snap Prebiotic Soda
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Health Ade - Pop Apple Snap Prebiotic Soda, 12oz

Brand - Health-Ade
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Quick Description

A healthy prebiotic alternative to your average sparkling soda, Health-Ade - Pop Apple Snap Prebiotic Soda is jam-packed with nutrients and tastes glorious!

Key information

  • Made from a blend of superfoods, and cold-pressed juice
  • USDA certified organic
  • Prebiotic 
  • Non-GMO
  • No artificial sweeteners

Product overview

Instead of sugar-packed artificial fizzy sodas you regularly find on the market, Health-Ade Pop Apple Snap Prebiotic soda has provided a refreshing alternative. 

Their delicious soda is made from prebiotics, superfoods, and cold-pressed fruit juice. Refreshing and buzzing with nutrients to support healthy digestion, this unique beverage is one for the fridge at home!

Made with fermented tea, prebiotic corn fiber, cold-pressed apple juice, and a cheeky hint of monk fruit, this flavorsome drink contains no artificial ingredients or sweeteners. Only the good stuff. 

Using only the finest USDA-certified organic non-GMO fruits and tea, Health-Ade is a big believer in the power of looking after your gut and doing so through ethical means.

If you’re on top of your probiotics and digestion, you have the fermented tea in this rejuvenating sparkling beverage to thank! This ingredient is responsible for providing you with a dose of powerful plant-based prebiotics to keep your tummy happy.


Organic fermented tea, cold-pressed apple juice, prebiotic fiber from corn, natural fruit flavors, apple juice concentrate, cranberry extract, monk fruit.
Allergens: None

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between prebiotic and probiotic?

Probiotic refers to live good bacteria which adds to the good bacteria already in your gut. For something to be prebiotic, it means that it contains special fibers derived from plants that work to feed the good bacteria which is already in your gut, helping it to grow and multiply.

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