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Gruvi - Non-Alcoholic Bubbly Rosé - 4-Pack


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Gruvi - Non-Alcoholic Bubbly Rosé - 4-Pack

Brand - Gruvi
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Quick Description

Gruvi’s Non-Alcoholic Bubbly Rosé is a vegan, low-calorie, gluten-free, 100% alcohol-free wine made using all-natural ingredients.

Key Information

  • 100% alcohol-free rosé
  • 60 calories per glass
  • Sulfite-free
  • Gluten-free and kosher-friendly

Product Overview

Vegan, gluten-free, 100% alcohol-free, and only 60 calories per glass. Now you can enjoy a truly guilt-free glass of bubbly thanks to Gruvi’s Non-Alcoholic Bubbly Rosé.

Made using California-grown Chardonnay and Cabernet grapes, this light pink bubbly beverage has an irresistibly fruity scent with notes of green apple and strawberry. With zero alcohol and no sulfites, you can enjoy Gruvi’s Non-Alcoholic Bubbly Rosé all day long.

Gruvi’s Non-Alcoholic Bubbly Rosé is delicious on its own but if you’re feeling adventurous or simply like to mix things up, it’s the perfect Rosé to create delicious mocktails with!


Carbonated spring water, grapes, natural flavors, malic acid, tartaric acid, natural color, tannic acid, carbon dioxide

Frequently Asked Question

How many servings does one bottle of Non-Alcoholic Bubbly Rosé contain?

There are approx two champagne glasses worth in each bottle of Gruvi’s Non-Alcoholic Bubbly Rosé.

How is there no trace of alcohol in the Rosé if it's made using wine grapes?

Gruvi uses a unique process to ensure there is 0.00% alcohol residue in its Non-Alcoholic Bubbly Rosé.

Client Reviews

Gruvi - Non-Alcoholic Bubbly Rosé - 4-Pack
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