Green2 - Tree-Free Paper Towels, 2pk

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Green2 - Tree-Free Paper Towels, 2pk

Brand - Green2
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Quick Description

Absorbent paper towels made from the byproduct of sugarcane and bamboo grass. Non-virgin, renewable materials that won’t cost the earth.

Key Information

  • Tree-free kitchen paper
  • Compostable
  • Marine biodegradable
  • 65 2-Ply Sheets
  • Hypoallergenic

Product Overview

Traditional paper towels are made up of virgin materials or paper pulp extracted from trees. For a single-use towel alone, this is wasteful and unsustainable. In response to this problem, the clever minds at Green2 have pioneered the production of Tree-Free Paper Towels. Made from the byproduct of sugar cane and bamboo grass, the materials are rapidly renewable.

An excellent and effective alternative to the deforestation of our precious trees which are harvested to supply virgin material for paper pulp. What’s more, these Tree-Free Paper Towels are made without the addition of colors, dyes, or inks. Instead of using bleach, Green2 whitens with the safer and more natural alternative, hydrogen peroxide. Yet, quality is not compromised. Sugar cane and bamboo grass provide naturally absorbent fibers, meaning the strength, absorbency, and thickness of these paper towels is just as you would like them. Clean-up, wipe-down and dry with these Green2 Tree-Free Paper Towels.


Made from Sugar Cane and Bamboo Grass, whitened with hydrogen peroxide.

Why are sugar cane and bamboo grass more sustainable?

Sugar cane grows back to its full yield in 12 months. Bamboo grass regrows in as little as 6 months. This is opposed to trees, which can take decades to reach harvesting maturity for paper pulp. Mature trees are also vital carbon capturers, wildlife habitats, and key players influencing rainfall and flood protection. By using sugar cane and bamboo grass, we prevent further deforestation. Why are Green2 Tree-Free Paper Towels safer than recycled paper? Paper containing BPA’s (industrial chemicals from plastic) is commonly used in the recycling of paper. This means that the average recycled paper towel contains these harmful chemicals too. Green2 Tree-Free Paper Towles are made using only natural fibers from sugar cane and bamboo grass.

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