Grab Green - Natural Wet Dryer Sheets, Fragrance-Free

Grab Green - Natural Wet Dryer Sheets, Fragrance-Free

Brand - Grab Green
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Quick Description

The Grab Green Natural Wet Dryer Sheets showcase natural innovation at its best. Soft clothes with no toxic side effects, these Sheets are top of the range.

Key Information

  • Fabric Softening Dryer Wipes
  • Reduces Wrinkles and Static Cling
  • 94% Naturally Derived
  • 64 Loads
  • Made without Wax, Animal-derivatives, Dyes, or Masking Agents

Product Overview

Grab Green was born because one mother noticed a gap in the market. Tired of using artificial detergents packed with harmful ingredients that didn’t really work, she decided we all deserve something better. And, now we can get it! Introducing Grab Green. Experts and leaders in the field of eco-friendly, safe, and effective household products. These Natural Wet Dryer Sheets are just one example of their works of genius! These wipes are made from 94% naturally derived ingredients, and they don’t have any of the unnecessary wax, animal products, dyes, or masking agents that other companies thoughtlessly shove into their wipes. Pop one of these sheets into the dryer with your clothes, and when the load is done, you will find them luxuriously soft with no static cling or wrinkles. Result! You can tell these wipes are made by people that really care. These wipes have been packaged wet so that users can get two uses out of every wipe! Double the loads, double the care, double the pleasure!


Deionized Water, Canola Ester Quaternary Amine (Prevents Static & Softens Clothes), Propylene Glycol (Stabilizer), Dipropylene Glycol (Stabilizer), Benzisothiazolinone (Preservative), Sodium Hydroxide (Adjusts pH Levels).

Frequently Asked Questions

Any top-tips for the Grab Green Natural Wet Dryer Sheets?

As we mentioned, you can get two uses out of each Dryer Sheet, so what should you do with them when these are used up? Grab Green has the answer. After their two uses, these sheets make fantastic dusters, so they are also great for use around the house. Efficiency at its finest!

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