Full Circle - Scrap Sack Compostable Food Waste Bag (10pk)

Full Circle - Scrap Sack Compostable Food Waste Bag (10pk)
Full Circle - Scrap Sack Compostable Food Waste Bag (10pk) back
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Full Circle - Scrap Sack Compostable Food Waste Bag (10pk)

Brand - Full Circle Home
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Quick Description

Composting never felt better than with these Scrap Sack Compostable Food Waste Bags by Full Circle. Recycled, easy to use, and they look pretty good!

Key Information

  • Made from Recycled Kraft Paper
  • PLA Vegetable-Based Liner
  • Water-Based Ink.
  • Meets ATSM Compostability Standards
  • 1.5 gallon capacity
  • Leakproof
  • Sold as a 10 pack
  • 5.7”L X 4.75”W X 8” H | 14.5cm X 14.5cm X 20cm

Product Overview

These clever sacks, from the eco-geniuses at Full Circle, have the capacity for a whopping 1.5 gallons of compost. And, once filled to the brim with food waste, the whole bag can be tossed straight in the trash. Your potato peelings and banana skins need never make it to landfill again! Not only do these sacks come in a pretty pattern, but they’re also totally leakproof thanks to their PLA vegetable-based liner.

There will be no more hiding your compost bin under the kitchen sink every time someone comes round for coffee. These sacks will make an attractive addition to any countertop, and can also be rolled and sealed until they’re full enough to join the garden compost. Full Circle prides itself on providing you products that not only help you to recycle and reuse, but that have already been recycled themselves! These sacks are made with natural recycled kraft paper and meet the ATSM compostability standards. This means that they are fully biodegradable.


Recycled kraft paper outer lining and PLA vegetable-based inner lining.

What are the benefits of composting?

Not only is at-home composting a great way to get rid of coffee grounds, eggshells, grass trimmings, and other food waste, it also benefits the very ground you are feeding it to. Compost enriches the soil, which not only helps power the plants growing in your garden, it can also help protect from the pesky diseases that prohibit your yard from looking like the Garden of Eden. Plus, it means one less trip for the garbage collector, in turn cutting your carbon footprint. It’s a win-win!

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