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Fresh Bellies - Two To Mango Snack, 0.75oz

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Quick Description

Say goodbye to picky-eating with Fresh Bellies Freeze-Dried healthy snacks. Each bag is packed full of lots of flavours your toddler will love.

Key Information

  • Vegan/Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher
  • Preservative-free
  • No added sugar

Product Overview

Fresh Bellies are on a mission to create a new generation of adventurous healthy eaters! That’s why we have created these freeze-dried snacks your toddler is sure to love. Mango and Basil you say? Yes, it does sound strange, but here at Fresh Bellies we can guarantee that the combination of sweet juicy mango with the savoury aroma from the basil is a treat for the tastebuds. Adults even love them too!

These snacks focus on the development of your child’s palette, so your little one can learn to enjoy a variety of different flavours for life. Made of just 3 natural ingredients, we can guarantee each bag is full of 100% healthy goodness for your developing toddler. These snacks are for children aged 12 months onwards. Your child may be ready for Fresh Bellies freeze-dried snacks if they pick up food to self-feed, can walk independently and chew a variety of different textures. A perfect addition to a diaper bag or lunch box!


Mango, Coconut oil, Basil.

Do your snacks have preservatives in them?

They most certainly don’t. Here at Fresh Bellies we understand the dangers of using preservatives in our food. That’s why we pride ourselves in using 100% natural, NON-GMO ingredients in all of our toddler snacks Each of our products contains 4 or less ingredients per bag and are free of preservatives, fillers, artificial flavours and added sugars.

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Fresh Bellies - Two To Mango Snack, 0.75oz
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