Forager Project - Organic Cassava & Cashew Chips

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Forager Project - Organic Cassava & Cashew Chips

Brand - Forager Project
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Quick Description

Crunchy and craveable, Forager Project’s tasty, organic plant-based chips are made with a delicious, nutritious blend of cassava, cashew, and coconut oil.

Key Information

  • Organic Plant-Based Chips
  • Made with Simple, Natural Ingredients
  • Kosher
  • Soy-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Made with Coconut Oil

Product Overview

Like your favorite crunchy tortilla chips, only a whole lot healthier! - These delicious, gluten-free chips are made from nourishing cassava root and nutrient-dense ground cashews. They are baked and then flash-fried in pure, organic, and sustainably sourced coconut oil to add that moreish, satisfying crunch, with no need for any gluten or grains. Seasoned with a hint of sea salt, these mildly-flavored, yummy chips are perfect for scooping up your favorite plant-based dips or enjoyed straight out of the bag as a snack of the go. Simple ingredients, minimal processing, and a commitment to high quality, sustainable, and organic ingredients are what makes these chips unique - better for your body and better for our planet. Forager Project’s Cassava & Cashew Organic Chips taste even better than regular tortilla chips and deliver a kick of nourishing plant power! So why not get munching?!


Cassava Root*, Coconut Oil*, Cashews*, Psyllium Husk Powder*, Sea Salt. *Organic

Are the cashews in Forager Project’s Organic Cassava & Cashew Chips sustainably sourced?

Cashews, like other tree nuts, can be an extremely water-intensive crop. However, Forager Project searched far and wide before landing on a supplier that met their high standards regarding sustainability, ethical sourcing, and organic certification. The cashews used to make their tasty chips are from Vietnam and Ivory Coast, where cashew crops don’t need irrigated water in order to flourish, saving precious resources. They partner with a small group of expert farmers who are committed to safeguarding their workers and producing the highest quality, sustainable cashews.

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