Food For Life - Sprouted Corn Tortillas, 10oz

Food For Life - Sprouted Corn Tortillas, 10oz
Food For Life - Sprouted Corn Tortillas, 10oz - back
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Food For Life - Sprouted Corn Tortillas, 10oz

Brand - Food For Life
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Quick Description

Totally free from any artificial ingredients or additives, savor the taste and feel the integrity of Food For Life’s Sprouted Corn Tortillas!

Key Information

  • Non-GMO
  • Organic
  • High fiber
  • Yeast-free
  • Sprouted grains

Product Overview

Unlock the goodness in Food For Life’s Sprouted Corn Tortillas! With certified organic grains, and no added oil or baking powder, they are a wholesome and yummy way to bring your meal together.

These tasty Tortillas are made from 100% freshly sprouted whole kernel corn, which means no cornflour in sight! Instead, once sprouted, the corn is lovingly made into a ‘masa’ using only natural, pure ingredients and then gently pressed into delicious tortillas.

Bursting with flavor and packed with essential nutrients, these sprouted super grains are gaining popularity everywhere, simply because sprouting is the best way to reap the benefits of our grains!

Why not treat your loved ones to a taco night with these delicious Tortillas? Simply layer with fresh guacamole, flavorsome peppers, and crunchy veg, then wrap it all up in these super soft sprouted corn blankets!


Organic Sprouted Corn, Filtered Water, Sea Salt, Lime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does ‘Certified Organically Grown’ Mean?

When it comes to these Sprouted Corn Tortillas from Food For Life, the term ‘certified organically grown’ means that USDA authorized 3rd parties have verified that the grains have been grown and processed free from the use of fertilizers and pesticides, and also that the land they’re grown on hasn’t been sprayed with these for the last 3 years.

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