DeLallo - Roasted Red Peppers, 12oz

DeLallo - Roasted Red Peppers, 12oz

Brand - Delallo
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Quick Description

Try DeLallo Roasted Red Peppers to get a taste of Italy. Slow-roasted to perfection, these hand-picked peppers are an ideal addition to salads, pasta, and spreads.

Key Information

  • Slow-roasted Red Peppers
  • Hand-harvested
  • Seeds Removed
  • Add to Soups, Salads, or Pizza
  • Keep Refrigerated
  • Vegan

Product Overview

Welcome to Italy. The DeLallo brand was founded with the mission of bringing authentic Italian cuisine to American mouths. And, when it comes to Italian cuisine, these guys are the experts. A family business established over 50 years ago, they have been sourcing the perfect traditional products for us to try for decades. Taste the Delallo Italian Roasted Red Peppers and you will see what we mean. A simple recipe: the finest red bell peppers, left whole with their seeds removed, then slow-roasted and preserved.

The result? Firm and juicy peppers, brimming with sweet and smoky flavors. This Delallo delicacy is authentic and delicious - the perfect addition to any Italian antipasto or sharing platter. A jar of these in your pantry will set you up for any occasion. Pop them open and they are ready to eat. You can enjoy them cold, or, feel free to cook them in hot dishes. This versatile delight is an absolute go-to.


Red Peppers, Water, Salt, Sugar, Citric Acid.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the story behind the DeLallo brand?

Way back in 1950, DeLallo started out as an Italian market in Jeannette, PA, a town on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. This is where George and Madeline DeLallo, the brains behind this brand, first established their marketplace, selling good quality Italian products on the streets of Jeannette. Over the past 60 years, their enterprise has progressed and developed, but the core values have remained the same: sharing a passion for authentic Italian cuisine with the community.

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